26’’ Genesis V2100 Men’s Mountain Bike – A stylish choice that shines on muddy trails

Despite being one of the lowest priced full-suspension bikes in the marketplace, this elegant beauty has more than respectable technical features and deserves a long hard look if you want to get good value for your money.

People who say that mountain biking is an expensive hobby probably didn’t get the memo on 26’’ Genesis V2100 Men’s Mountain Bike. This model comes with suspension forks on both wheels and has a reputation for behaving very well on wet or uneven surfaces. It can be an everyday transport or a fun toy for special occasions just the same and its retail price is shockingly low for such a versatile bike.

We are talking about a dual suspension, full-size mountain bike with standard sized wheels here. It is currently one of the most sought-after models in the budget category, and there are good reasons for such a strong demand (It’s currently listed on the best mountain bike under 200). Here are the most important facts you need to know about this bike:

Mountain bike overview

This is a sport-style men’s bicycle that provides a lot of comfort while allowing the rider to go off the paved roads at will. It brings together solid construction, high-quality essential parts and discreetly impressive appearance, so it does well in practically every major category that affects purchase decision. It is accurately described as an all-purpose bicycle, since it will be equally practical during rides through dense traffic and while you race down a hillside. Most importantly, the bike is very safe to ride, which goes a long way towards explaining its popularity among diverse groups of users.

Technical specifications of Genesis V2100

26’’ Genesis V2100 Men’s Mountain Bike-blackThe most important fact about Genesis V2100 Men’s Mountain Bike is that it boasts dual suspension with 80 mm of travel, which allows it to amortize a lot of bumps without losing stability. With a 21-speed transmission system produced by Shimano providing the ability to change gear effortlessly, the bike can be controlled very tightly even by riders without too much experience. Disc brake on the front wheel is complemented by the V brake in the back, providing a powerful combination that can help you evade dangerous situations. The body is made of lightweight aluminum, while the seat can be adjusted to fit riders of various heights.

Affordable option for off-road cycling

What’s the point of owning a mountain bike if you can’t take it out to the nature and use it to travel where no roads are leading. Genesis V2100 will let you run free far away from concrete roads and it won’t let you down when the going gets tough. Its tires are capable of dealing with a little bit of mud, while its strong aluminum frame will survive even the most brutal outdoor trails without bending. This is still an entry-level bike and it probably won’t last too long if you push it to the limit every day, but you don’t have to worry about damaging it if you leave the asphalt for a short while. In comparison with other affordable dual suspension models, V2100 is really maneuverable and easy to steer, especially on natural surfaces.

Best and worst sides of 26’’ Genesis V2100

We already pointed out that Genesis V2100 provides fantastic value, but let’s get deeper into the analysis and examine which aspects of this bike really set it apart from competition in its class:

  • Built from high-quality materials
  • Excellent gearing and braking systems
  • Amazing performance compared to cost
  • Comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Suitable for any terrain

On the flip side, a bike from this price category can hardly be expected to be perfect, and Genesis V2100 does have a few issues that deserve manufacturer’s attention:

  • Low-quality, plastic paddles
  • Handlebar sometimes breaks loose
  • The warranty is limited

Final summary

With this bike, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. For a fairly low price, you get a fine-looking bicycle to ride in the neighborhood and a savage beast you can unleash on the open trail. Most of its parts are produced by top global manufacturers, while the construction is steady enough for intense outdoor use. Sounds perfect for people who love cycling but can’t afford professional-grade racing bikes.

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