4 reasons why you should choose a fat bike

Bikes equipped with wider tires are often called ‘fat bikes’ – and one of those could be a wise choice in case you are looking for a mountain bike that combines practicality with year-long utilization.

With so many mountain bike models on the market, making the right choice often comes down to matching your needs with strengths of a particular type. Fat bikes are certainly one product category that deserves a long and hard look in case you like outdoor riding and don’t intend to engage in organized racing. Easily recognizable due to larger wheels with broader tires, bikes from this group are well-equipped to support mountain biking throughout the year, on all sorts of surfaces.

Here are some of the main arguments for choosing one of the models that fit under the ‘fat bike’ label:

1.All-seasons, all-terrain bike

A true mountain bike enthusiast doesn’t stop exercising just because the weather is bad. That means the ride will often include a stretch over wet ground, which is exactly what fat bikes are made for. Their tires are designed to prevent slipping, so you don’t have to be masterfully skilled to remain in the seat for the duration of the ride – even in the midst of winter. Buying a fat bike can be the compromise solution that will spare you the need to purchase a specialized one just for the cold season.

2.Good traction prevents injuries

Broad area of contact between the tire and the ground helps stabilize the bike on dry terrain just as much as on icy trail. It is much easier to maintain balance when you are not in constant danger of sliding aside, which could happen with a narrower, classic mountain bike rims. Fat bikes also have less air pressure in the tires, so the contact is ‘softer’ and better amortized, which can make a difference if you hit a small rock or a hole in the ground.

3.Fat bikes are strong and durable

A typical fat bike features steel or aluminum construction designed to withstand rigors of outdoor use, so it is expected to stay functional for a long time. Sturdy frames are combined with wider forks to enable the user to use the bike intensively without having to worry about maintenance every few weeks.  If you pick a model produced by one of the leading manufacturers, chances are you won’t be shopping for a new bike anytime soon.

4.Stand out from the crowd

You won’t look like a professional cyclist on one of these bikes, but you won’t look ordinary, either. At the very least, those who know a thing or two about cycling will immediately know that you are a year-round biker who doesn’t back away from a challenging ride. Top-range racing bikes can cost a lot of money, and it makes more sense to invest your budget into a solid fat bike than to settle for a cheap imitation of a professional model.

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