5 Mountain Biking Tips For Women

The off road biking offers lots of fun and adventures for anyone. But riding with peacefully and aggressively quite different. Although the off road actually includes bumpy surface, dirts, grits, dusts and gravels that you can’t avoid. In truth, most of the women are preferred commuting or on road biking, but there are still some women who want to be adventurous. And that’s why they would like to sometimes go for off road or mountain biking. Actually the off road biking has some incredible advantages, especially for health, but the complications of that kind of surfaces would be dangerous. So if you are a woman, but love to do this kind of journey by avoiding the negativeness, these few points of the article would help you. I will try to shortly tell here what you should and what you shouldn’t for mountain biking.


Avoid The Aggressiveness

A professional rider can do different kinds of stunts as he either skilled in it or he has been involved for a long time in it. And the professional mountain bikes would be different while as an irregular rider you would want to have the journey by an entry level bike. As you would never want to be involved with the expensiveness being an irregular rider. Furthermore, you may not have that kind of skills what a professional has gained by his limitless struggles. You can just take a ride to explore the awesomest nature and the beauty of hills as what other ordinary riders do.


Don’t Use The Road Bike and Also Avoid The Hybrid Bike If Possible

A road bike is completely specific for urban ride and the wheelset of it quite slimmer than mountain bike wheels. Because, 95% of time the road bike rides over the flat road and the reason to make the bike slimmer to make it speedy and lighter. On the other hand, the hybrid bike can slightly endure the bumps, but not as efficient as the mountain bikes are in it. So whether you use an entry level or top level mountain bikes, never intend to use the hybrid or road bikes for mountain biking. To endure and beat the off road’s obstacle a mountain bike is specifically designed with specific wheelset, frame and suspension forks. But you would miss this kind of features into a road or hybrid bike.


Wear The Helmet and Other Accessories

No matter whether you are a skilled or ordinary rider, you can unexpectedly fall in an accident as the off roads sometimes like a trap. A helmet can save any rider from the bigger or little head injury. If you don’t use the helmet that means you are about to maximize the opportunities of falling in a head injury. As a rider I highly recommend for wearing the cycling helmet while you should also wear the sunglass knee pads, shoes and gloves. And of course with wearing these must wear accessories, carry a water bottle to ignore the dehydration.


Wear The Off Road Specific Cycling Shorts

This kind cycling undershorts are different from the conventional undershorts we wear. The cycling undershorts are actually designed with comfy paddings that protect the riders from the impacts of bumps. So the bumpy routes wouldn’t negatively affect the comfortability. If you wear these shorts, make sure it has proper air breathability to avoid the sweating. As well, having the proper stretchability on the short also helps to properly move the legs and your body.


Don’t Ride In Winter Unless You Are Skilled In It

There are specific guidelines for the off  road winter biking as the riding in winter is complicated. You would need some skills to ride in winter while a fat bike can provide a better ride than a mountain bike. The slippery terrain would make you the witness of an unexpected accident. So if you are a newbie, skip this step and if you do, must follow the guidelines.

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