I love mountain biking and it’s my passion to ride bike in adventurous places. Because it’s a chance to discover the amazing places around my village while I can also enjoy a beautiful ride. When I bought my first mountain bike I had to face a few problems to pick the right beginners bike and I searched a lot in internet to find the right bike. It happened almost 1 year ago and after that here I created mountainbikesinbudget.com to provide the valuable information to the riders. With providing the informative posts and tips I also want to inspire the riders as a passionate mountain biker.

Affiliate Disclosure 

mountainbikesinbudget.com also a participent of Amazon associate program. The links may contain affiliate links and when you buy a product through these links I may receive some commission. But it helps me to run this site and motivates to provide valuable information about mountain biking to all respectable riders. If you want to contact with me, feel free to send a mail.

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