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There are people who randomly ride around the own territories as it’s the greatest way of exploring those up & down hills. But we always have an enthusiasm to ride on unknown terrains to be more connected with mountain biking adventure. Unfortunately, it makes us totally uncomfortable if we don’t have any idea where the road goes or where to get back if we get lost.

For cycling this is where the GPS comes to work! You will never get distracted to go forward or backward or detect the current location. The best GPS for mountain biking will work as a guideline to make your ride success on unfamiliar terrains. Moreover, here’s the GPS not only comes to finish the work. It also tracks the speed, distance of the path and elevation points.

Some GPS devices are more innovative technology based as they calculate ascent and descent data, provide data analyzing support, store previous record and forecast weather condition. As well there you can find a GPS that offers live tracking option and preloaded base map for a quick touring plan. Even if you are cycling for fitness training you can also measure your hard working level via ANT+ technology.


6 Best GPS for Mountain Biking

No doubt the advantages of GPS are enormous on cycling and that’s why we researched & reviewed for the best GPS for mountain biking. So here you meet the best six of them.  

Mountain Biking GPSSpecific FeaturesSunlight Readability Water Resistant Ratings Price

Garmin Edge 500

ANT+ compatible, High-sensitivity GPS receiver, HotFix satellite prediction, Garmin Connect.YesNo4.8

Garmin eTrex 10

WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, It supports HotFix and GLONASS, IPX7, Paperless geocaching, GLONASS satellitesYesYes4.8

Garmin Edge 200

High-sensitivity GPS receiver, HotFix satellite prediction, YesNo4.5

Garmin Edge 810

Garmin Connect, Garmin Custom Maps, BirdsEye Satellite ImageryYesYes4.7

Sigma Sport Rox 10.0

3 axis compass, ANT+ Speed/Cad/HR transmitters, Data Center 3YesYes4.5


3 axis compass, ANT+, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Speed/Cad/HR transmittersYesYes4.8



Garmin Edge 500

Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS

Obviously the Garmin Edge 500 is the first choice for every mountain biker for its functionality & affordability. Although it uses monochrome screen and hand press button, but the additional features & tracking efficiency extended the popularity of it. Edge 500 brings the easiness to monitor your performance while you ride.

It features all of the basic options included tracking the speed, distance, elevation, heart rate and calories you burn during the ride. To track the heart rate it accepts wireless ANT+ sensor that allows you enable the cadence sensor and power meter at the same time. It also helps the rider to monitor climbing and descending data by keeping activated barometric altimeter.

Garmin has an online cyclist community called Garmin Connect where you can meet a group of cyclists to share your riding experience. You can easily upload the data to Garmin Connect Website by the included USB port.


Features We Like:
  • It can help you to accomplish your fitness goals as it can track the calories you will burn during hitting the pedal.
  • High sensitivity receiver ensures it will quickly track the data (distance, speed and heart rate) in real time.
  • Barometric altimeter to easily determine the changes during ascending and descending.
  • It is Garmin Connect enabled to easily share the history of riding with other cyclists.



Garmin eTrex 10

garmin-etrex-10e-Trex 10 has been optimized with all useful features and great for the people who love cycling and hiking together. It has preloaded worldwide basemap that makes the process easier to find any specific location without wasting your time. Although it displays the data in a monochrome scene, but it efficiently tracks and analyzes the location as it should.

You will get all advantages from the navigation system of eTrex 10 as it incorporates some innovative technologies. It’s portable and offered some advance features as if you never get lost from your place. As well It’s very reliable to operate and HotFix, Glonass supported that helps to quickly locate the position.

eTrex 10 also water resistant and wouldn’t be damaged if you use in the rain or snow. Because it’s protected by ipx7 water resistance technology. So if it has any accidental immersion to water (up to 1 meter) ipx7 will keep it protected for 30 minutes.    



Features We Like:
  • Preloaded basemap to research your favorite route and the data of ascent and descent.
  • High sensitivity WASS enabled receiver to quickly track the data of your riding while it makes the navigation easier.
  • Works with Glonass satellites for faster positioning.
  • Additional as a hiking GPS while IPX7 water resistance protection can make it more useful.



Garmin Edge 200


Although Garmin Edge 200 doesn’t support Ant+ feature, but it is efficient something like the Edge 500 as you can monitor everything in your ride. It’s lightweight and very comfortable to use as it easily combines to the handlebar and can be used on multiple bikes. It quickly starts to find the satellite to detect the locations once you turned it on and give a proper direction to get you active on riding. To track the route faster it uses high sensitivity GPS receiver that supported by HotFix satellite prediction.

If you ever stop riding the auto pause system will automatically pause the timer and when you start to roll again the timer will be restarted. This intelligent bike computer also stores up to 130 hours of data, so you can analyze everything to improve your riding performance without having any difficulties. As well, The Challenge Me feature shows the current speed and compares it to past performance. So you would able to see how far you got ahead or behind.

After touring you can share and analyze all of your riding history on Garmin Connect where a group of cycling enthusiasts are waiting to hear your experience.


Features We Like:
  • The monochrome display is still readable under sunlight and it is optimized with a high sensitivity receiver for a quick detection.
  • Ability to store 130 hours of data ensures you can necessarily check out the history of your previous performance.
  • Challenge me feature to improve your performance as it compares your performance to your previous record.
  • Supports Garmin Connect to share your experiences with other riders.



Garmin Edge 810


The Garmin Edge 810 is the most versatile & an innovative cycling computer and based on some advanced technologies that are missing on the eTrex10 and Edge 200. You don’t have to use any USB port to upload your riding information to Garmin Connect Website as the device easily gets paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Although you have to install Garmin Connect Mobile App and moreover you can always stay connected to your friends and family via live tracking system. The device simply sends the data to smartphone and then the phone automatically transfers them to their Website.

Furthermore, The device is compatible with ANT+ sensor and it can forecast the weather condition. Garmin Edge 810 also has 2.6” color touch screen with perfect user interface as if you can easily track down all of the required data without any hesitation.


Features We Like:
  • Live tracking system ensures you can be tracked by someone during your ride if you want.
  • Can be wirelessly paired with Garmin Connect website to quickly share your memories.
  • Easily readable touch screen to simply move into any necessary feature.
  • Supports Birds Eye Satellite imagery makes the device more innovative and useful.



Sigma Sport Rox 10.0


Sigma Sport 10.0 has been composed to meet all of your cycling requirements on unknown terrains. It allows ANT+ sensor to measure the heart rate and percentage of force and power you apply for paddling while it doesn’t forget to track the speed & distance.

Like other multi-talented cycling computers it includes all basic features that needs to make successful your cycling journey. As usual, it will look over the cycling speed, find the destination and measure the temperature and elevation. This Sport Rox 10.0 has the water resistant design as it’s IPX7 optimized. That means you can bring it on to any condition without any worries of getting damaged.

If you ever face any lack of light due to weather conditions, get turned on the backlight to monitor your performance. It has also a good battery backup (up to 13 hours).


Features We Like:
  • Elevation profile with ascent and descent as if you can mark the obstacles of the track before starting your journey.
  • 249 hour log capacity will help you to access through the history of your previous cycling journey.
  • ANT+ wireless data transmission technology will make the device easier and useful for you.
  • Easy route navigation with previously loaded routes will make your journey comfortable.
  • Micro USB connection to easily research your records and make your plan of riding.





A rider wouldn’t want to be uncomfortable to read the data on the display of his/her GPS device. The day bright display of the Wahoo Elemnt will ensure that you are easily able to read the data even in high glare and low light condition. It can be connected with your smartphone to make it easier to use while it is compatible with the third party apps like Strava and Ride With GPS.


The apps like Strava, Ride With GPS and Best Bike Split will help you to download your favorite routes while you could upload the new routes to make your future ride easier. Like other intelligent GPS it can track your heart rate and paddling speed as if you can track your performance.


It simply pairs with smartphone and you will be able to receive the email, phone calls and messages by the Wahoo Elemnt. You could also locate the route of your friends who ride out of your group. Because, it can track the data of riding in real time while the Wi-Fi, Ant+ and Bluetooth ensure you will be able to simply download all necessary softwares.


Features We Like:
  • Brighter display is able to show the data in high glare and low light. The display also can be zoomed to show the core data.
  • Can be paired with smartphone during your ride to receive emails, calls and messages.
  • You can download and upload the routes by the apps like Strava and Ride With GPS.
  • It monitors the power, heart rate and speed to easily know your performance.



What to consider before choosing a GPS?

Actually to choose an efficient GPS at first you have to consider the budget and the features you want. If you want a device only for monitoring your performance it may take less cost, but if you additionally want some advance features then it costs extra money. So it’s better to always go for the one that inspire your riding enthusiasm. But out of everything there are some basic points that you can’t avoid to choose the best GPS for mountain biking.

Understand Your Purpose: There are two basic types of GPS for mountain biking. If you ride for having fun and exploring the locations, then you may pick these kind of GPS that will measure the speed, track the current position and elevation and show the line where you started and where to go. But at the same time if you ride for workout purpose, then find the one that compatibles with ANT+ technology to track your heart rate, force and power you apply on paddling.

Water Resistant Technology: Whether you go for hiking, biking or touring, you would have to face different weather conditions. So it’s better to choose an IPX7 water resistant technology based GPS that ensures you are not far behind to track your riding performance on any condition.

Easy to Attach System:  In this case you shouldn’t choose a gps that can be worn on the wrist as it’s not suitable for mountain biking. So it’s much better always going for a GPS device that can be mounted to your handlebar.

Long Time Battery Life: If you go for an integrated battery based GPS, make sure it provides long time battery backup.


Overall Verdict

If you follow the guideline and understand your needs, of course it’s not difficult to choose the right one. On the other hand, we have struggled to figure out the best GPS for mountain biking while we analyzed all of their features and usefulness to make your choice accurate. So decide which one is perfect for your needs!   

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