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People like mountain biking for many reasons while a big portion of them like it to take the health advantages and explore the outdoors with having fun. But the condition of outdoor always wouldn’t be fair as it would be affected by the rain or heavy winter. So that does mean you should skip pedaling for the day or week or even month? Of course not! Because you can gain the same benefits by a bike trainer. A bike trainer has the same capabilities to give you a great feeling of pedalling and serious health advantages.


Actually, there are a few different kinds of bike trainers that you can use and the most common bike trainers are fluid, magnetic, wind and roller. The wind trainers are noisier than the fluid and magnetic while the roller trainer is an old style of indoor cycling. So after judging the quality, advantage, performance, and affordability here we wrote for the five best indoor mountain bike trainers of the market.


All the trainers you see on the list are foldable and that’s why they are easy to put anywhere on your home. On the other hands, these trainers have superb progressive resistance and that’s why no matter how fast you pedal the bike the resistance will be amazingly increased with the speed. Here you can also discover two fluid trainers that are leakproof and almost noiseless as if you can enjoy the training session with having some entertainments like watching tv.

Five Best Indoor Mountain Bike Trainers That Have Excellent Progressive Resistance

So would you like to have a great indoor mountain bike trainer for biking in indoor? Here are the five best of them that are amazingly popular on the market.



Magnet Steel Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

Magnet Steel Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

Love to have a bike trainer, but don’t want to be expensive? Then this magnet steel indoor exercise trainer stand is for you. It creates the resistance by its magnetic power that even can be set up into five different resistance modes as if you can set the resistance by your preference. It is unlike the other low quality trainer as it generates very low noise. So you can enjoy the pedaling when you watch tv and because of low noises you can continue the training without disturbing anyone.

Its unfaded and excellent progressive resistance power raise with the speed of pedaling and you can control the resistance by the remote lever that is adjustable with your bike’s handle. On the other hand, the trainer is easy to store as the frames are foldable.



Blackburn Tech Mag 6

Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer

The Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer is a fluidly magnetic indoor bike trainer that is designed with the convenient adjustable frames for a reliable height adjustment. The stiff steel frames provide an extra stability while the rubber cups on the foot also increase stability and avoid gliding. The smooth and super progressive power of the trainer keeps the progress unfaded with the speed of wheel. It has six different resistance levels that ensure a great opportunity to turn the level of resistance in the right mode that you exactly want when you spin the wheels.

A remote lever also simplifies the system to control the resistance direct from the handlebar. And you can also use this versatile trainer with road bike hybrid bike wheels.



CycleOps Fluid2

CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Trainer

Although the investment on a fluid trainer would be expensive, but end of the day the quality of a fluid trainer would make you amazed. This CycleOps Fluid2 Indoor Trainer is something like that as you would have to spend some additional bucks for it, but the surprising performance of it would give you a great experience of training in indoor. Its corrosion resistant steel frames ensure a superior stability and long lasting performance. Its leak proof body also won’t be leaked like other low quality fluid trainer, and that’s why you can confidently speed up without having that worries.

The fluid trainer means excellent progressive resistance and of course this trainer isn’t against that. So you would obviously be able to enjoy the amazing progressive resistance of the trainer.



Kinetic Road Machine 2.0

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

This Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 is another excellent innovation of the era for indoor cycling that has fluid and unfaded resistance. It is 100% leak proof and the resistance is quite smooth. It is designed to use for mountain and road bikes while it doesn’t need any assembly after releasing from the box. With this fluid trainer you can use Kinetic Inride Power Meter to directly track the speed, power, pedal cadence, heart rate and the calories you burn while training. This amazing tracking system(by the smartphone)  will keep you lively connected and aware about your performance.

To expect more better & comfortable bike training you can use a block raiser that can raise the font wheel on a measured level.



Travel Trac Comp

Travel Trac Comp Fluid Trainer

The Travel Trac Comp is an affordable Fluid Trainer that would be a great choice for those indoor trainers who want a quality fluid trainer at an affordable cost. It can continuously produce the progressive resistance with your attempt to increase the speed of the rear wheel. It has an external flywheel that ensures a smooth resistance power to comparably give you better pedaling experience. The trainer is designed with the stiff steel frame and more stable base to increase the stability.

This compact trainer has the simply foldable option as if you can easily put it in the car trunk to transport or easily store in the home.


Final Verdict

If you have an indoor mountain bike trainer in your home, of course you can expect lots of advantages from it. Especially if you take the off road biking journey as a source of work out, then it is impossible to stop your workout for the unfair conditions of outdoor. So if you have a trainer on those days, then it will become one of the handiest indoor cycling tool and stepwise you will also start to like it for many reasons.

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