Best Kids Mountain Bikes | Our Research & Top Picks

When the kids become experienced after passing their days with their intermediate bikes, they can go for a biking tour in mountain trails with their dads or big brothers. But this time they shouldn’t use their intermediate bikes, because these bikes aren’t able to provide the service like a mountain bike. On the other hand, the kids aren’t comfortable with the adult mountain bikes. That’s why, they need their special mountain bikes that will be perfectly fitted with their styles and body height. And as the reasons there are manufacturers that make quality kids mountain bikes. Like the adult mountain bikes these kids mountain bikes are also able to run through the mountain trails and to provide the same control these bikes also have gears, powerful brakes and suspension forks to keep your body comfortable.


4 Best Kids Mountain Bikes | Our Picks

So to provide the same kind of mountain biking experience we have discovered 4 best kids mountain bikes after a research. The efficiencies of these bikes are great and your kids will be able to properly handle these bikes on the mountain trails.



Raleigh Bikes Kids Tokul Mountain Bike

Raleigh Bikes Kids Tokul Mountain Bike

Recently the Raleigh Bikes have been a new trend for the mountain bikers. But amazingly they have invented a few of kids mountain bikes and this is one of the sturdy bike out there. The kids those are aged from 9-12, they should be comfortable with this bike. To beat the rigorous environments of the mountain trails it is created with a pure sturdy and lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. It reduces the weight and increases the control for the kids. Moreover, for a comfortable journey it uses 50 mm of travel SR Suntour suspension fork that can save the kids from the shocks of the bumpy trails. Even to provide a superior control it is crafted with Shimano 7 speed Revo shifters and powerful disc brakes. So the kids easily get the best control as they expect.



Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Kid’s Mountain Bike

 Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Kid's Mountain Bike

The Cobra Kid’s Mountain Bike from Diamondback has also been added to this list for the sleek design and sturdy body. It’s a Hardtail bike that comes with knobby tires to avoid slipping over the slippery terrain. You can easily take the challenge to beat those rough surfaces of mountain trails. The high tensile steel frame of the bike is sturdy, long lasted and rust resistant. On the other hand the suspension fork of the front wheel can soak up the bumps while the comfortable padded seat adds extreme comfortability during the time your kids cross the bumpy roads. Moreover, the Shimano 5 speed Drivetrain provides a good range of gears to take a good control over pedaling.



Raleigh Bikes Kids Rowdy 20 Mountain Bike

Raleigh Bikes Kids Rowdy 20 Mountain Bike

This is another one from Raleigh that is very suitable for the local dirt trails while the kids can use this for going to school or take a ride on neighborhood streets. Although it hasn’t any suspension fork, but the durable aluminum body is great to take the challenge. According to the size of the bike it is suitable for 5-9 years old kids. The wheels of the bike are equipped with 2.125” tires for the extra stability and tractions. Moreover, to provide a good range of gears it added Shimano 6 speed twist shifters while the design and structure of the bike completely perfect for kids.



Kent Rock Candy Girls Bike

Kent Rock Candy Girls Bike

The Kent Rock Candy Girls Bike is originally designed for little girls specially 7-9 years old girls. The color and design of this bike tell everything how perfect it is for little girls. On the other hand, to ensure the perfect control it has quality V-brakes that are able to provide enough braking power. As well, to make it properly controlled, it comes with 7 speed gears with twist grip shifting and finally when you need the utmost comfortability, this full suspension bike is ready to absorb the uncomfortable shocks of the mountain trails. The tires are also enough knobby for perfect tractions.

Final Verdict

If you include your kids for your mountain biking adventure, then you can give them any of the bike of this list to enjoy the biking with you. But make sure your kids have worn all cycling safety tools like you and to enjoy this kind of biking with your kids, must avoid the dangerous terrains. Because your kids wouldn’t be as much skilled as you are in it.

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