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From my opinion lubing the chain is an obvious responsibility for every rider that you can do to keep up the great activities of your bike for all time. It not only prevents the chain from rusting, but also increases the activities of the parts and provides a quick and smoother gear shifting opportunity. Lubrication the chain not only a specific job for mountain biker, rather any kind of biker should do it likely accomplishing the 100 miles ride (It’s not fixed, it’s based on the condition of your bike). To decrease the abrasion and increase the smoothness for gearing and pedaling, it’s a great thing that you should apply into the chain.


Actually, you can discover the wet and dry bike lubes around there and straightly these are the two major kinds of bike lubes on the market. Both kinds of bike lubes would be good for your bike if you differently apply them for different weather conditions. The wet bike lubes are obviously good for wet conditions as it can easily shed the dirt and mud in wet condition and resist the water to prevent the rusts and abrasions. If you like mountain biking in the winter or on the muddy surface, of course you should apply the wet bike lube. But a regular cleaning may require to continuously keep up the smoothest performance.


On the other hand, the dry lube should be used only if you ride in the dusty surfaces. It protects the chain from dusts and other grits on the dusty surface. It creates a waxy coat over the chain that sheds all the dirts on the dusty or dry surface. The dry lube takes a couple of hours to start working properly. And to prevent the rusts and abrasions it also greatly works like the wet lubes.


Five Best Chain Lubes for Mountain Bikes

By following the condition you may apply the right bike lube to ultimately avoid the inconveniences of pedaling. And to simplify the job here we have a recommendation for the five best mountain bike lubes that we discovered by a long time of research.



Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube

Finish Line Wet Bicycle Chain Lube Oil
This wet chain lube would be an ultimate protection for the mountain bike’s chain in wet condition. It’s made with quality ingredients that ensure it wouldn’t be washed out if you ride the bike in rain, snow or any wet weather condition. It can protect the chain during more than 100 miles of ride while it doesn’t create any abrasion into the parts. So you can shift the gear more easily with enjoying the long miles smooth pedaling.The water repel feature also ensures it wouldn’t be washed out by the water and as a quality lube it completely protects the chain from rusts. Even the professional uses this Finish line chain lube and it’s very affordable.



ProGold ProLink Chain Lube

Pro Gold Products ProGold ProLink Chain Lube

The Prolink chain lube from ProGold is a dry chain lube that is water resistant and extremely repels the water to protect the lube from being washed out and prevent the chain from being rusted. It easily sheds the dirts, so if you ride on the dry condition, don’t worry about the dirts, dusts and grits on the surface that can attract the chain.  As well, it extends the lifetime by preventing the rusts while it ensures the pedaling is smooth and not any abrasion between the derailleur and bearing. It can keep up the smooth activity of the bike for a long time and because of the high resistance activity against the dirts and dusts, it’s easy to clean up.



White Lightning Clean Ride

White Lightning Clean Ride

This dry chain lube from White Lighting can be a great solution to protect the chain from dirts and grits. This ultra dry chain lube would work as a self cleaner as it doesn’t attract the dirts and grits. It doesn’t create any abrasion while you ride and provides a smoother pedaling feeling always. The squeeze bottle simplifies the system to easily apply it into the chain and as a dry lube it also simplifies the clean up process.



Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lubricant

Rock N Roll Gold Chain Lubricant

One of the popular chain lube that is liked by many riders. It’s not only great for mountain bike, but you can also flawlessly apply it for your road bike. Although, it’s a wet chain lube, but provides a greater protection from the dirts of off road while it prevents the abrasion and corrosion and ensures the smoothest ride ever. It not only lubricates the chain for greater performance, but also helps to clean up other parts of the bike after an off road ride. It can reach to the most toughest point of the parts and ensures the smoothest riding experience ever.



Eco Sheep Oil Based Biodegradable Lube

Eco Sheep Oil Based Biodegradable Lube

The Eco friendly Eco sheep oil is a very mountain bike specific lube to protect the chain from many inappropriateness. This non toxic lube is completely biodegradable and they made it out from the sheep’s wool. The reason to make this Eco-friendly oil as there are tons of harmful chain lube is used every year that harms the environment. Just easily apply it into the chain by the included brush and enjoy the smoothest shifting without having the dirts and muds into the chain. It simply sheds the dirts and keeps the chain of your bike from being rusted.


Using the right chain lube by following the condition obviously better, but trying to avoid the lubing your chain is a worst thing ever for every cyclist. So no matter what kind of ride you do, lubing the chain is your job as a rider. It has multiple great advantages for your bike as I told above.

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