Best Mountain Bike Disc Brakes-Reviews

There are limitless advantages of mounting a disc brake to your bike. No matter where you ride or how fast you ride, you can never imagine a successful ride with a non-brake optimized bike. Having a better braking system always keeps the ride controlled & safe on any terrain around the world. That’s you should never compromise to deal with a bike that has been crafted with a powerful braking option.

But, are all the brakes as good as a disc brake does? Nope! For off road cycling there hasn’t been invented any better braking technology than the disc brake system. Although the V brakes or rim brakes would have some betterments from any other aspect. But, If you want to do a powerful experiment in the rough terrains, then the disc brakes would be your arms. The best mountain bike disc brakes decrease the opportunity of being a failure rider if you operate it on its level.

The mountain bike disc brakes are quite different from other brake functions and always provide the performance at maximum level. Although all the disc brake functions are equally not the same. The hydraulic brakes are a bit different than the mechanical or cable actuated brakes. The hydraulic brake functions use a fluid filled sealed reservoir that mainly sends the pressure to create a force into the caliper when you squeeze the lever.

On the other hand, the systems of mechanical brake are quite normal. In the process the steel cable directly creates a connection with the piston and sends the direct force onto the pads to create a friction onto the rotor. It’s something like the rim brakes, but able to generate more power than an ordinary rim brake.


5 Best Mountain Bike Disc Brakes

So we didn’t keep our research limited by only finding the best hydraulic disc brakes, rather we spent time for both. Although both types of disc brakes don’t equally work same as the hydraulic ones are more powerful. But if you get limited by the budget you would want to go for a mechanical type disc brake as it sometimes cost friendly. So overall, we listed the five best mountain bike disc brakes on the market.  



Avid BB7

Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc Brakes

Avid BB7 is the excellent option for those who want an immense stopping power for the rear or front wheel. It’s based on some innovative braking technologies that bring the absolute value for your investment. BB7 is compatible for both wheels and offering excellent braking power and hassle free adjustment. The tri-align caliper positioning system of it uses both pads to create a proper alignment between caliper and rotor that ensure utmost control everywhere. In the caliper they installed metal sintered pads to continue the right braking activity everytime you pull the lever.


Furthermore, it’s quite versatile and included prominent features as if you can go for a reliable choice for the brake function of your mountain bike. As well, it has multiple adjustment systems that allow you to use the brake for mountain bike or xc riding.



Avid Elixir 5

Avid Elixir 5 Disc Brake Set

This is another excellent option for those who want to equip their bike with a compatible and efficient brake set. With Avid Elixir 5 you will get the full of efficiency through pulling the lever on any rough or uneven trails. It practically works as good as it promises on the features and never lets you to be one step back from the safest & reliable journey. This braking system includes Airtrap features that ensure better bleeds and perfect working activity.


Avid Elixir 5 also has been composed with an MMX clamp that means you can mount it to numerous sizes handlebars. The set also comes with a heat shedding rotor that designed with cross drilled technology to provide maximum benefits on braking.   



Shimano XT BR-M785

Shimano XT BR-M785 Disc Brakes

The Shimano xt BR-M785 offers incredible braking power with utmost efficiency. This lighter & powerful brake set uses servo wave mechanism technology that helps to engage the pad quickly. That means when you go for a quick stops it works as fast as you predict while the ceramic pistons also increase the power and decrease the vibrations to give a you a quite better experience.


On the other hand to keep the heat radiation on perfect level, it combines ice-tech brake pads that have been built up by Shimano with their cooling fins technology. Even If you want to maximize the performance you can also combine an ice-tech rotor for a better heat radiation. More additionally it uses mineral brake oil that is non-corrosive and a mess free option.



Shimano SLX M675

Shimano SLX M675 Mountain Bike Disc Brake

If you have any passion for downhill ride, then Shimano SLX M675 should be your need as it has promising features. It’s owned some great specifications which are the actual demand of every rider. To continue the performance at optimum level, it comes with the leading MTB’s braking technology among the bicycle brake manufacturers. The mechanism of SLX M675 is quite handy and included some cool materials to keep away from being unpleasant while you ride down.


With this SLX M675 disc brake you will receive the maximum benefits as it uses ice-technology based materials that enhance the activities in braking. The ceramic pistons and caliper also optimized the weight on its level and dissipate the heat to produce a solid braking power. It has also a hinged clamp based lever, this means you can adjust it on a wide range of position.  



SHIMANO Deore XT BL-M785 BR-M785

SHIMANO Deore XT BL-M785 BR-M785

This brake set has been packed for your both wheels while both of the systems have enough braking efficiency and smoothness on controlling. The oil cables are pre-filled and has simple mounting option, so that you can get the whole braking system ready without spending too much time. These stylish & sleek designed brake sets are Servo Web Cam optimized, this means it’s able to actuate the pads more efficiently with an effortless request.


Actually the Shimano Deore offers what you need to smoothly control your ride. The ease of installation, remarkable looks and quality performance ensure this is one of the great package from Shimano that you should add to your list.


How To Choose The Quality One

Now you may have an idea about what are the best mountain bike disc brakes that provide the maximum level of performance. Our recommendations might help you to choose a reliable brake set, but having a proper idea over the basic points always lift you up for winning the right machine. That’s why here is a quick guideline that may provide a complete idea what should be considered when you choose the MTB disc brake.

Higher Size Rotor Enhances The Performance

For the disc brake system the progress mainly happens when the brake pads apply a force onto the rotor and create a friction. But here the rotor size comes to play a big role, the higher size rotor means the higher performance. A higher size rotor helps to dissipate the heat properly and enhance the stopping power. So, choose a rotor that at least 160 or 180mm. In case if you want a more powerful option, better to mount the 200mm rotor.

Resin or Sintered Pads?

There can have also other type of brake pads, but the biggest portions are based on resin or sintered. The resin pads produce very quick and reliable power, but they reduce the power when you ride in downhill or wet condition.

On the other hand the sintered pads are a great option for the downhill ride that also produces excellent stopping power in warmth condition. But the performance may decrease in wet condition.

Proper Mounting System Creates a Perfect Combination

There are two types of mounting options for the disc brakes, IS mounts and Post mounts. Although most of the disc brakes are on the market recently based on post mounted attachment. But if you need to use other mounting systems to keep the combination perfect with rotor & frame  better to use a disc brake adapter.

Ice Tech Brake System Enhances The Performance

Actually the Ice Tech is a Shimano based technology that builds up their brake system with cooling features. They use cooling fins into the pads, rotor and caliper that enhance the reliability and extreme progress on braking.  

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