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Most of the riders love to take the challenge to overcome any little or bigger obstacle on the trail and usually the off roads are filled with huge rocks, gravels, bums and muds. So when we come to overcome these situations, sometimes we fall in reasoned or unreasoned accidents that subsequently turn into injuries. That’s why we can’t avoid wearing all necessary safety stuffs to protect ourselves.


Obviously to avoid the head injuries you can’t find any alternative way without wearing a durable helmet. A helmet is built up with all necessary materials to protect your head from any bigger impact. So being a rider I tried out to build up a list with all popular mountain bike helmets on the market. In truth, these quality bike helmets are designed with some innovative technologies while they also offer the proper adjustability, comfortability and an excellent ventilation system.   


7 Best Mountain Bike Helmets on The Market

So check our reliable list of the 7 best mountain bike helmets. If you are looking for a durable mountain bike helmet, then any one of them of the list would be great.


Giro Trinity Helmet

Giro Trinity Helmet

The Giro Trinity is a stylish bike helmet that offers extreme protection and reliable adjustment. The Giro molds the polycarbonate to construct the shell that is integrated with EPS foam for the optimum comfortability. It almost fully covers your head and keeps the head always cool as it has a perfect ventilation system. It has 22 vents that work to release the uncomfortability and input airs thoroughly for a quick evaporation. The reflective real decal also enhances your visibility if you ride in the dark or low light.


To fit the helmet better in your head the Giro uses Acu Dial technology that mainly a retention system on the rear. It helps to stay fit the helmet more closely and due to the great structural integrity it has an extraordinary ability to absorb any incidental impact.



Schwinn Women’s Thrasher

Schwinn Women's Thrasher Helmet

The Schwinn Women’s Thrasher has been specifically designed for the women that comes in Pink and Purple. The reliable Dial fit adjustment means you can adjust it with excellent comfort for any size of the head. It also includes the side Strapper that enhances the protectivity and confirms more reliable fittings with your head. It has 20 vents for the perfect ventilation. So the airflow can easily reach into the helmet and keep your head always cool even in the hot weather. The additional heat sealed pads also made the helmet huge durable and comfortable for use.


It has also the removable visor that protects your eyes from any improper sunrays. Overall, with these incredible features the Schwinn Thrasher is a great head safety equipment for the women.



Giro Revel Bike Helmet

Giro Revel Helmet

The Giro Revel has offered many colors and designs for both men and women. It has very unique combinations of EPS foam & polycarbonate shell for the optimum level construction. The full coverage shell of it has 22 vents that continue the breezy airflow during your ride. It has also Acu Dial fit system with a wide range of adjustment while the 360 degree fit band also confirms the helmet is fitted perfectly.


Additionally to make you visible in low light it has rear decal and when you ride in daylight the snap fit protects your eyes from the sunrays and rains.



Troy Lee Designs A-1 Helmet

Troy Lee Designs A-1 Helmet

The Troy Lee A-1 Helmet is another stylish and durable safeguard for your head that is designed to be used for all mountain and cross country ride. Its full coverage design enhances the safety for any unexpected occurrence. The Troy Lee Designs molded polycarbonate to build up the shell that makes the construction lightweight but extremely durable. So it will not be cracked if it incidentally gets hit on the rocks or other roughest things.


Inside the shell it surrounds EPS foam that protects efficiently from any big impacts. The 16 vents on it almost enough for a proper air flowing while the synthetic liner also allows the user to take a control over the moisture. Moreover, it features the cam lock stabilizer for a convenient adjustment all time.



Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

Giro Hex Mountain Bike Helmet

You can wear The Giro Hex for all aggressive mountain bike riding as it has a rugged construction with excellent ventilation. The Roc Loc 5 ventilation means the utmost fit with huge protectivity. Its amazing combination of EPS liner and shell obviously a good creation for an effortless adjustment. To blow the wind on a perfect level, it includes 17 wind tunnel ventilation that always provides the absolute service in your needs.


As usual like other helmets of the list it avoids the sunrays & rains as it has been featured with an adjustable visor that has the amazing vertical adjustment ability. This outstanding adjustable visor also can vertically bend up to 15 degrees.



Bell Super Bike Helmet

Bell Super Bike Helmet

The Bell Super comes in three different sizes & colors and greatly covers the rear and side. It’s gained impressive popularity for featuring workable options like the adjustable visor that is very popular in recent days. The visor can up and down through a wide range of position. It has a speed dial fit system, so you can easily tight or loose the band until the helmet gets properly fit to your head. But if you still feel uncomfort you can use the rear band for up to the absolute fits.


The Overbrow ventilation also confirms the perfect air flowing to eliminate the uncomfortability while it stays fit in your head and additionally you can mount a goPro camera for any outdoor records with this bell super.



Fox Head Transition Hardshell Helmet


This might be an outstanding choice for those who love hardshell helmets. The Fox Head Transition has 11 vents that are enough for a clear breathability especially for these kind of models. The inner lines of it are built out of suede micro fiber that is washable and can be removed when you need.


They greatly made it for any aggressive riding on dirt or uneven routes.



Few Common Guidelines For Choosing The Right Helmet

Indeed, choosing the right bike helmet isn’t too difficult if you keep in mind few common things. To accomplish a successful biking journey a helmet has the utmost importance for your safety. So let’s see the things that would be helpful for a successful purchase.


The size is the most common factor that you must consider to choose the right helmet. If your helmet doesn’t get accurately fits with your head, then it reduces your safety on any unexpected impacts. So measure the size and go for a right pick for an absolute fittings.


If the helmets miss a clear air flowing, then you will feel completely uncomfortable as the heat can be barriered to pass out. A proper ventilation system keeps your head cool and dries out the sweat. So make sure the helmet has enough number of vents.


Although in recent days the manufacturer offers Acu Dial adjustment system as it has a system to adjust in a wide range of position. But additionally the side and rear adjustability also work well for a perfect fittings.

Final Lines

So don’t be afraid to hit the trails, but the safety first! So wear all safety equipments to avoid the injuries and come back to the home with a real biking experience. As one of the major equipment among the bike accessories the helmet will protect you from any bigger or smaller impact on any accidental occurrence. So choose the right helmet and wear it accurately. Hopefully our recommendation and guideline will be helpful a note for you to discover the right stuff that brings the pure value of your money.

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