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Every mountain biker may know how important the knee pads are for aggressive or normal riding. The roads on the hills are never level and the condition on there is something complicated. You will face limitless holes, mini or big rocks and some muddy surfaces. As the reason there hasn’t any surety to avoid the little or big impacts that even can be a reason of an injury. So you should always wear all safety accessories for mountain biking. And the most needed accessories are helmets, shoes, gloves and knee pads and these accessories for mountain biking can save you from many incidents.

The knee pad as one of the important accessory for biking the manufacturer of pads designed different style knee pads for mountain biking. Actually the knee pads use a shell cup to protect the area of your knees with foams, polycarbonate and adjustable straps. Mostly the style of the shell cup will be either flexibly durable or completely hard. Although the hard shell cups are highly protective then flexibly durable cups. But the flexibly durable cups provide better comfortability than the hard shell cups. Although end of the day you can keep calm for both of them, because the way the manufacturer designs them, they are quite enough to protect your knee areas.

On the other hand the great news is we figured out the five best names of mountain bike knee pads and we shortly wrote some notes for them.


Five Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads For The Protection Of Your Knees

Meet here the five best mountain bike knee pads that have high performance design to ultimately protect your knees. They offer excellent design, short to wide range adjustments, durable cups, great paddings and perfect ventilation systems.



Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB Knee Guard

Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB Knee Guard

This MTB knee guard from fox racing has an ability to completely protect your knee from any unexpected impacts that can happen on bumpy or most rough terrain. It has a silicone gripper right on the behind of knee as if the pad doesn’t move to down. The way the grippers have been set up, you won’t have any problem during the movement of your legs. The breathability of the pads also have been ensured by a large number of wicks that continue the air flowing into the pads. So the sweats into the contact of your knees and pads will be dried out before becoming the knees or pads wet.


Moreover, the pre curved design of the knees ensures a greater fit while the elastic strap on both sides is great to properly adjust the pads on your knees. The paddings on the side also brings extra protection to prevent the additional impact around your knees.



Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB Knee/Shin Guard

Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB Knee-Shin GuardThis MTB knee and shin guard also from fox racing that amazingly protects the knee and shin together. That means you can confidently allow these pads for any aggressive ride on the roughest or any inappropriate bumpy roads. On the knee panel it uses knee cup that highly protects the area of your knee while the flexibility of it provides a soft and cozy feeling. The silicone gripper behind the knees not only provide a relaxed fit, but also keep the pad strongly in its place. From upper to bottom it has numerous wicks to dry out the moisture and keep the area of your knee and shin comfortable.


The curbly designed pads also great to bring a relaxed feeling on the movement of your legs or when you push the pedals. Overall, because of  these ergonomic craftsmanships on the pads it will never be placed out with the motion of pedaling while the protection level of these pads on a peak level.



The Industries Maxi Knee BMX and MTB Pad

The Industries Maxi Knee BMX and MTB Pad

These pads also come with a simplistic design, but they have high protective features to protect the knees from any unusual impact. The anatomical design of the pads properly fits into the whole area of your knees without being slipped. The silicone grips of the pad allow you to adjust the pad with comfort while it also prevents the pad from being rotated and slipped. With this kind of design the main padding with high quality foam completely protects the knees when it gets the impact.


Theses smoothly designed pads also can be simply worn under the jeans and the low friction material of the pads also provide your whole the day in comfort.



JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads

These versatile knee and elbow pads are highly versatile that you can use as a protector for multiple sports. It offers higher breathability and adjustments with breathable wicks and adjustable straps. The extra elbow pads with wrist guards will increase the level of protection for mountain biking that also have the same adjustable straps to tightly adjust with your hand. The flexibly hard knee cups with soft foamed protection inside the pads provide a long time comfort while the breathable wicks and polyester sleeves increase the air flowing level.


These stylish & fashionable pads are also separately sized for teen, adult, youth and kids. So you can also go for your needed size for an excellent perfection.



Fox Head Launch Enduro Knee Pad

Fox Head Launch Enduro Knee Pad

These Enduro Knee Pads from fox racing offer a functional coverage for your knees. The knee cup on the pad is wrapped by the abrasion resistant panel that conducts a safest covering always for your knee areas. The stretchable panel on the rear of the pad ensures it will be necessarily stretched with the motion of your legs. As well, it can also control the moisture without letting the fold of the knee get wet. The Fox Racing designed it in two colors and the red ones also would be attractive. Although both designs offer the same kind of protection.


Final Verdict

Literally the pads have everything what ultimately can save you from any serious impact on the knees. With a clear ventilation and highly protective design you won’t have the inconvenience after a long time of journey. The highly adjustable system of the pads also keep the pads in place without any moving and overall for these performance you can confidently make a choice among these five pads.

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