Best Mountain Bike Lights-Reviews

Now you are not limited in enjoying the same excitement on the darkness and riding at night always adds a new dimension to mountain biking experience for every rider. But it can be dangerous if you don’t include all of the security essentials to withstand the obstacles. Especially the bike light that is the basic requirement among all the security materials you need. That’s why you need to mount a powerful mountain bike light that illuminates the path and keep away from being injured.

When using a bike light works as quite useful, as like mounting a poor stuff turns into quite dangerous. So, you have to analysis the basic factors to pick the best mountain bike lights that will work as better, powerful and efficient to your bike. You would need to look at the major technical features including brightness, battery life and mounting option.

5 Best Mountain Bike Lights

So to keep you safe from picking any cheap or low quality light we have struggled and put our thoughts for the 5 best mountain bike lights. As well, we clarified every point why they would be great to light up those darkest paths.

Mountain Bike LightsLumenLED TypeTaillight Included Water Resistent Our Ratings Price

Blitzu Gator 320

320 LumenUltra Bright & Latest LED Technology Included YesYes4.8

Vision II 860

860 LumenXML U2 LEDYesYes4.8

Bright Eyes 1200

1200 LumenCREE T6 LEDNoYes4.6

Cygolite Expilion 800

800 LumenCREE XM-L LEDNoYes4.9

Divine Led

n/aDivine LEDNoNo4.5


Blitzu Gator 320


Blitzu Gator 320If you want an inexpensive and a rechargeable bike light that has long time battery life and ultra brightness, then Blitzu Gator 320 is for you. It has multiple modes with long run time and will be fully charged within 2 hours. It illuminates the trail with incredible brightness and a long beam length. So, you will get a larger view of what comes to your way.

To generate crystal clear brightness it features Cree Led with a 360 degree rotation system as if you can turn it into any angle. Additionally, it offers a tail light that ensures your visibility on the road from half or quarter miles away. When most of the bike lights are a little bit complicated to adjust, Gator 320 quite against them. It’s very easy to mount and detach at the same time with any handlebar. It has one touch dismount system that means it perfectly fits to most of the bicycles.



Vision II 860

Vision II 860 USB Bike Light

The Vision II is one of the brightest bike light out there that has some incredible features to illuminate the darkest trails (Although this is such a light that fits to any handlebar). As usual like other quality lights It includes a powerful rechargeable battery that keeps lighting up to 25 hours and when the charge ends up you can install another featuring external battery. The Vision II based on a wide range of Lumens (from 90-860) on the headlight that continuous your visibility from cars. On the other hand it contains two additional tail lights to be seen at least from a mile away.

It has been built with reliable micro USB port technology that lets you to forget those annoying charging wires.  As well, to make it compatible with any road or mountain bike it has universal fitment mounting option. That means it can be adjusted with any thick or small handlebars.



Bright Eyes 1200

Bright Eyes 1200 Lumen Bike Headlight

The Bright Eyes 1200 is an extraordinary creation for mountain or road bikes. The features are really impressive that it offers. It will keep up the illumination on up to 20 hours with 350 Lumens that is normally enough for average riding. But if you want to increase the brightness, then you can switch it to high or medium mode. As an additional feature it has also a bright Strobe mode that can be used on daylight.

Here the specifications don’t come to end, the high intense visibility (3000 ft) and much longer beam length (500 ft) also ensures a safer journey. Like other cheapest lights the brightness of it doesn’t decrease when the battery drains. In case If you ever get the battery drained, you can instantly get back the same brightness by installing the external one. The batteries are also waterproof, so you shouldn’t be worried to turn on the light in rain or snow.



Cygolite Expilion 800

Cygolite Expilion 800 USB Headlight

The Cygolite Expilion 800 comes with 8 convenient lighting modes with long lasting battery backup that conducts safest cycling anywhere. It has been integrated with Cree XM-L LED and custom Tir optics that ensure wider beam with a perfect throw. This Expilion 800 headlight features an indicator to measure the battery back up which brings a proper idea over the battery life. Beside that it also comes with an external battery that allows you to swap on the fly if you ever get drained the first one.

Furthermore It has dual mounting option (handlebar or your bike helmet), so you can mount it according to your convenience. Even on the way, if you ever face rain or any wet condition, you are always allowed to keep it on active mood as it water resistant.



Divine Led

Divine Led’s Bike Light

Although it’s not as functional as Bright Eyes comes. But if you are very limited with the budget, then Divine Led’s Bike Light should be your absolute choice. It uses Divine LED technology to generate clear brightness that lights up the way and enhances your visibility to protect you any kind of cycling accidents.

It’s durable, hand crafted and very reliable. They used military grade materials and quality checked, so you there isn’t any doubt about the ability that shows it on the trail. It also comes with easy to mount option and can be used in any weather condition as it features waterproof technology.


What To Consider To Choose The Powerful One


Although riding at night much more adventurous & enjoyable, but it can be dangerous if you equip the bike with a poor quality light. Because the challenge would be something like beat the same obstacles as you do on daylight. So here you can’t avoid to adjust a powerful headlight to ride flawlessly and safely. Undoubtedly, all of the lights are on the market don’t provide the same value. So you would need to be something tricky to choose a proper light for your bike.

Especially if you are a newbie, then you would be confused to come about on a right choice. But if you intend yourself to focus on some basic points, of course you don’t have to deal with a poor quality based stuff. So here we kept our thoughts that might be helpful for you to choose a best mountain bike light.

1) Is It Powerful?

At first, to understand the power  of a bike light you have to look over the range of Lumens. There you can discover a variety of ranges headlights with useful lighting modes. A light with 300-500 Lumens would be quite enough unless you don’t turn the handle to any uneven trail. But if you ride on rough paths you have to allow at least 600 Lumens for a strong overcome and when you pick up a light the range of Lumens decide how bright the light is.

It’s better to go for a light that has some useful modes with a wide range of Lumens. So that you can switch it to the right mode according to your needs whilst it boosts to increase the battery life. As an example, if you ride on a flat road, turning it on to 200 Lumens would be the right thing.

2) Is It Easy To Mount?

Whether you want the light to mount on handlebar or helmet, having the wrong option always makes it difficult to adjust on. If you mount the light in a wrong way or it wobbles or shakes during your ride, then it would turn into an accident on the technical trails. So when you look over mounting option make sure it goes right to your handlebars or helmets.

3) Has it good battery life?

Having a longer battery back up undoubtedly enhances the run time. Although for some reasons it depends on the unit of Lumens you use. So If you keep the light on between a range of Lumens likely 500-1000, make sure it provides at least 02-01 hours run time and if possible go for an emergency battery backup option. But if you ride for a longer, better to use an external battery.

Furthermore, some of the mountain bike lights feature indicators and different lighting modes for a precise use. So that you can see the remaining charge while you would also have an idea how far it able to go.

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