What Are The Best Mountain Bike Locks In 2019?-Expert’s Choice

No one wants to get their favorite bike stolen from the parking lot or any other place. Because they spent their hard earned cash to buy a bike. So getting it lost would be a bad experience for the riders. That’s why you should literally think how you can give the best protection for your bike. A bike lock would be enough to save the bike, but an inferior lock would still keep your bike unsecured. So locking your bike somewhere would be crucial unless you secure it with a sturdy bike lock.


Basically, this is the reason why this post has been published. You deserve a great lock to secure your mountain bike. That’s why we have gone through the public feedbacks and experiences for 15 locks. And after researching everything for the 15 locks we have picked the five best mountain bike locks and highlighted the true reasons why they are great for riders. These locks have the enough capability to save and secure your bikes.


Five Best Mountain Bike Locks That Can Protect Your Bike From Being Theft

Letting your bike somewhere alone would be crucial, but if you lock the mountain bike with these locks, then your bike would be greatly secured. Because these locks have the ability to prevent leverage attacks (not brutal forces).



Kryptonite 785

Kryptonite 785

The Kryptonite 785 is a chain lock that is made of 3t manganese steel and this component is excellently durable and it won’t be easily cut because of the leverage attack by hacksaw. Literally the 3t manganese steel is very abrasion resistant and that’s why it is enough efficient to prevent leverage attacks. On the other hand, this component prevents the corrosion and that’s why it won’t be rusted. The hardened deadbolt end of the chain is greatly durable and it will be greatly locked with the disc style cylinder that is drill resistant. Moreover, it has durable weather resistant nylon that ensures the paint of the bike remains same after using the lock.


Kryptonite 785

Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard U-Lock

This U-Lock from Kryptonite is designed with 13mm hardened steel shackle that is excellently abrasion resistant and can protect your bike from the leverage attacks. The lock has a very sleek finish that not only looks great but also it can easily prevent the cutters. It includes a four foot double loop cable that can be used to protect your wheel and other bike accessories. On the other hand, the reinforced hardened crossbar on the lock maximized the protection level while the disc style cylinder won’t be broken down because of the high level attacks. Moreover, the protective vinyl coating of the lock will save the paint of the bike, so, it is not going to be scratched.



Abus Mini Round Shackle U Lock

Abus Mini Round Shackle U Lock

The Abus Mini U Lock is also composed of hardened top grade steel as if you can ultimately secure your bike from being theft. This lock can be compatible to use in the low crime area, because the way they have made the U-shackle, it won’t be damaged or cut because of the manual attacks. The corrosion resistant U-shackle won’t be corroded, so it can go with your bike on any condition. It is comparably lightweight and smaller than other locks, so you can easily keep it in your pocket or simply mount it to the bike’s frame. It also includes extra protection for the cylinder as if the attacker can’t break down it.



Kryptonite 997986

Kryptonite 997986

The Kryptonite 997986 even can be used in the unsecured areas, because its 18mm shackle has been designed for the maximum performance while that hardened shackle is extremely durable and withstand the leverage attacks. Its double deadbolt locking system maximized the locking protection a lot while the patented and oversized sleeve add an amazing protection. Like the other Kryptonite locks it also includes a super durable disc style cylinder and the cylinder has a dust cover that actually enhances the lifetime of the cylinder. Moreover, it comes with three keys and has a center keyway to properly protect the lock from attacks. Here is a review



Sigtuna Bike Lock

Sigtuna Bike Lock

The Sigtuna Bike Lock may not able to secure your bike in high crime area, but it is very compatible to use and secure your bike in college campus, near the restaurant, in your home and low crime area. It has a 12mm flex cable that provides extra security to lock the wheels. The hardened steel shackle is undoubtedly strong and has the ability to withstand hacksaw and bolt cutters. The lock is also designed with the double bolt locking system that extremely secures both sides and it includes a mounting bracket that holds the lock perfectly when it is out of using.


What You Must Consider

Usually there are a few different types of designs for the bike locks and the most common designs are U locks, keyless locks, cable locks and chain locks. Every type of them has the advantages, but it does matter how sturdy and ergonomic they are to secure the bike. So you should follow these specifications to choose a sturdy and quality off road bicycle lock.


Hardened Steel Shackle or Chain

The hardened or manganese steel is actually abrasion resistant while it can can extremely prevent any manual or leverage attack. Such abrasion resistant material is very rigid and can work well to protect your bike. The hardened steel doesn’t corrode easily and as the reason it can retain the same rigidity even after years of use. Having the extra cable with the lock can give an extra advantage to lock the wheels. But make sure the cable is also made of high quality materials.


Locking System

The other kinds of locks may have a different locking system, but if you choose the U locks, having the double deadbolt locking system can give extra protection. Because repositioning the shackle from two different places is very crucial. So if you want to get a true protection for your bike, better to pick the lock with double deadbolt locking system(only for U lock).



The coating actually saves the paint of the bike from being damaged. Even if you keep the lock hanged on during your ride, the paint on your bike won’t be scratched. So make sure the lock has nylon or vinyl coats.


Other Considerations

  1. Mounting Bracket.
  2. Several Keys.

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