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Pedals are one of the crucial part of your mountain bike that creates a contact with your shoes to transfer the force into the bike. If you use low quality pedals to ride on rugged terrains, you can anytime get them broke that subsequently creates a major inconvenience. The pedals for mountain bikes and road bikes would be different in style and shape while there are also the pedals in the same shape for both purposes. Mostly the mountain bike pedals are double sided while either they are clipless or flat with some pins in the shape.

The clipless pedals mean they are designed to be adjusted with cleats to transfer the force flawlessly. The riders use the clipless pedals for aggressive riding on rugged terrains. It actually helps to create a stronger contact to avoid the skid, especially when you jump and hit the rocks. As well, it also transfers the force very flawlessly. The adjustment system and the design of cleats would be different and that’s why you may ensure the shoes are compatible with the adjustability of cleats that offer the pedals.

On the other hand, the flat pedals with pins or nails in the shape help to be glued with your shoes. It maximizes the strangeness of contact and reduces the possibility of skidding. Sometimes, the pins would be removeable, that means you can make a flat shape anytime with your needs. As well, you don’t need to have any specific shoes to use with them and I personally recommend before choosing your pedals, you may check how easily they shed the muds.


Five Best Mountain Bike Pedals That Have The Specific Skills For Mountain Biking

After researching the quality and their specific skills for mountain biking we picked out the five best mountain bike pedals. Mostly the pedals are made out of steel, carbon, aluminum and nylon components and here we focused almost all of the components based pedals except the carbon component. Because it’s highly expensive and mostly used by the professional riders.



Race Face Chester

Race Face Chester Pedal

The race face actually achieved the trust of riders for its incredible value and affordable cost. It may not have been built from carbon fiber or steel material, but the rigid nylon components on the body of pedals create a reliable grip to hardly push the pedals. The removable steel pins help to create a stronger contact with the pedals while it also simplifies to transfer a great force into your pedaling effort. These lighter and rigid pedals with eight useful hex traction pins you can confidently accomplish any aggressive off road journey even in the destructive terrains. The rigid steel axle of the pedals with sealed bearing and bushing help to use them more smoothly. The reliable seven attractive colors of them also ensure a reliable pick to keep them matched with your bike’s design.



Shimano PD-M530

Shimano PD-M530 MTB SPD Pedals

Inexpensiveness and high performance design are the major specification of Shimano PD-M530. The SPD cleat almost a common cleating system for any mountain bike shoes while a tension adjustment of the pedals allows you to necessarily adjust the pedals with your shoes. These rigid pedals are combinedly made out of steel and aluminum and very competitive for multiple styles off road rides. The sealed cartridge bearing system also ensures you don’t need any extra care to maintain them and this useful system also provides a smooth and breezy pedaling experience. If you need a quick cleanup you don’t need to use any specific tool and additional effort. And on the same way you can grease them without taking the help of any additional tool.



Shimano Unisex PD-M520

Shimano Unisex PD-M520 MTB SPD Pedal

Shimano created this model with the best compatibility for men and women. The affordable Shimano PD-M520 offers a strong fit with SPD cleats while the adjustable tension helps to easily tighten and loosen them with the shoes. After riding on the dirt surfaces you can easily go for an internal cleanup as it easily sheds the mud and other dirts. These off road specific pedals can successfully support to accomplish all off road rides. It has been noticeable for incredible inexpensiveness, smoother pedaling support and appropriateness with a common SPD cleat.



Imrider Aluminum Alloy Pedals

Imrider Cycling Sealed Bearing Aluminum Alloy Bike Pedals

These multipurpose aluminum alloy pedals from Imrider are extremely capable for mountain biking, commuting, cyclocross riding and many other conventional riding. These highly rigid and antiskid pedals are made out of top quality aluminum alloy like 6061. The raised nails on the both surfaces avoid the chances of getting your feet slipped when you hardly push the pedals. Moreover, these free style flat pedals are CNC machined that brings an extra strangeness to beat the excessively rugged surfaces. The sealed bearing also provides the easiness in your effort for smooth pedaling.



Shimano PD-M424

Shimano PD-M424

The Shimano PD-M424 is designed for the greater compatibility of mountain and road bike riding. The spring loaded features allow you to easily in and out the cleat that can be done by a simple push of your feets. So you can be a more efficient rider on technical ride. The nails on the edge and wider body also make the pedals compatible to use with regular shoes. As well, the PD-M424 is also composed of aluminum that is completely rigid and lighter to provide amazing stability. And of course the pedals are great almost for any style of the ride.


Things That Ensure Your Choice Would Be Solid


Clipless or Flat: The two common models of mountain bike pedals. Both are great and both have the pros and cons of usability. So it’s your choice of which model you mostly prefer. You can try both of the models or if you previously preferred with any of the model of them, then you may go for that pair. But if you like the clipless pedals, of course, make sure the cleat compatibility. Look what kind of cleat accepts the pedals and your shoes.

Components: No doubt, the steel, aluminum and carbon fiber pedals are still great creation for mountain bikes. So, people who aggressively jump and hit the rocks, they should use these pedals. Sometimes they can allow you to spend the extra bucks and that’s why if you look for highly inexpensive, the nylon components based pedals would be a good choice.

Easy to Cleanup: When you accomplish a dirt ride the pedals would get muds in the space and can create the problem to clip in to the pedals. That’s why you should timely clean up them and make sure how easily they can be cleaned up.


Final Verdict

If you regularly go for the off road tour, of course you should avoid the inferior pedals. Literally the off road biking includes many little or bigger risks and if you apply the low quality or inferior pedals, then it would be a major inconvenience for you. So when you are applying all quality accessories, you should also use a pair of quality pedals. And whether you use the clipless or flat, make sure they are rigid and provide a good contract to force the energy smoothly.

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