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Wearing a mountain bike specific short has advantages to cross the miles of dirt and bumpy roads with a smooth feeling. To make the short cozy the mountain bike shorts are conventionally designed with the pads on lower back and the stretchable nylon materials. Because the stretchable nyloned short will be slightly stretched on the movement of your body especially on the bumpy surface. And such a contribution of nylon also provides you a cozy feeling on that condition.

Moreover, the original reason of using liner padding on the lower back to maximize the power of absorption. Because the dirt routes are equipped with many little or bigger imperfections and only the suspension forks can’t ensure the 100% coziness. And that’s why this addition to the shorts greatly work for coziness and absorbing the shocks. Some shorts also adjust moisture wicking mesh to easily dry out the moisture. Even these kind of shorts can be waterproof that not only great for washing, also a helpful contributor on the muddy surface.


5 Best Mountain Shorts for a Reliable Off Road Biking

So here we back with the five best mountain bike shorts for your real choice. These shorts are completed with the needs of features as every rider wants for a cozy feeling. All the shorts are made of nylon material with necessary paddings, pockets and breathable feature. So see the names of them and read in minutes which one has the right features to suit with your choice.



Mountain Bike Cargo Short

Mountain Bike Cargo Short

The off road specific mountain bike cargo short has been designed with the superior cordura materials. The cordura materials work as the best moisture wicking system, especially for this design. Literally, you won’t wish to get the short wet with moisture or sweat on your off road performance and that’s why the cargo short will dry out the moistures by the moisture wicking mesh without getting you wet. The polyester material stretches properly during the movement of your legs and ensure you will never have in trouble while you push the pedals.


The short offers a completed design for every off road enthusiast. It uses G-Tax pad that not only soft and cozy, but also eliminates the excessive moisture to keep you always reliable. Even thinking about the convenience of every rider they also added a smartphone pocket with an easily accessible system. And no matter how aggressively you ride, you should never think about the durability of this short as every panel is double stitched.



Men’s Loose-Fit Padded Bike Short

Men's Loose-Fit Padded Bike Short

It has been picked up in this best category for some great convenience features. There are people who love both on and off road ride but usually want to get the same thing for the both kinds of rides. This Men’s Bike Short something like that and you will love it for few great reasons. The short is designed for urban and off road riders and simply better for them who feel most comfortable with loose fit shorts. Moreover, the ergonomic design with polyester material never lets you to have in trouble with the effort of pedaling.


Recently we have noticed a tend to separately buy the padded cycling undershorts for more superior coziness. Although using these undershorts are great for relaxed pedaling, but it will allow you to spend extra money. That’s why this short is crafted with the same kind of stuff that will allow you to push the pedal with a fully relaxed mood. It uses G-tex pad that offers anti bacterial support and greater relax. The five secure pockets with the special cargo one for smartphone obviously an excellent addition.



Endura Men’s Hummvee Cycling Short

Endura Men's Hummvee Cycling Short

The Endura Men’s Hummvee Cycling Short features the detachable cycling pads, that means you can remove and add them to your needs. This excellent feature also ensures you can reliably wear the short as your part of the fashion when you are out of cycling. And of course now you may know how the cycling pads work after reading the first two parts. It uses the both front hip pockets and the additional cargo pockets to put your mobile phone while the 4 way stretch nylon won’t create any problem on the movement. This stretchable nyloned short can be stretched on the movement of pedaling.


The design of the waistband something unlike the other conventional design as it additionally adds an integral belt to fit on any waist size. And of course, like the other shorts of the list it is crafted with mesh on the rear for a complete breathability.



Pearl Izumi Men’s Elevate Short

Pearl Izumi Men's Elevate Short

The waterproof Pearl Izumi Elevate Short is ergonomically designed for all mountain rides that is also crafted with 4-way stretch nylon. So if it tightly fits with your body, no worries in the highly movement roads. Because the stretchable craftsmanship of the short will keep the pedaling in normal without making anything discomfort. This slightly longer Men’s Elevate Short is properly compatible for the knee pads, so you can ride with a more secretive mind by avoiding the injuries of the knees.


The short comes with three pockets, two are hand pockets and the additional one is in the center of the rear side. All of the pockets are secured with zippers while the hand pockets are enough large to hold your smartphone and other mini devices. Although, it hasn’t any liner pads, but the highly soft and stretchable materials provide an amazing coziness.



Canari Cyclewear Men’s Velo Short

Canari Cyclewear Men's Velo Short

The Canari Cyclewear Men’s Velo short comes at a budget friendly cost that uses gel pads to absorb the imperfections. The anatomical design at every panel makes it more ergonomic and durable while the most nyloned portion with slighted spandex makes it stretchable. It also added the leg grippers that not only look stylish, but also make the short more cozy. In the contact point of the saddle they crafted it with GEL pad that can absorb the bumps likely in an efficient mind. Even if you go on long miles away, it can keep you relaxed till the end.


Moreover, the Microfleece Top Fabric completely works for a great breathability that helps to simply dry out the sweat. It also recommended to be washed in the machine, that means you don’t need to spend any additional effort for manual washing.



Most Considerable Things Before Confirming Your Choice

Probably now you are familiar with the top mountain bike shorts, but we also suggest few things that you should consider now and then for the short. While having the short cozy & stretchable is a universal requirement, but you can’t also skip the waist size, pockets and linear padding. So let’s look into the inside of details.


Size:  After choosing your preferred design, you must ensure the short is properly adjustable with your waist. That’s why measure the waist size by inch and simply pick your size in the range of sizes. Most of the shorts don’t feature an integral belt and that’s why you should flawlessly pick the waist size.


Stretchable Feature: You may know how the stretchable short works on the movement of your body and that’s why most shorts are nyloned. Even here we aren’t against them, because all of our recommended shorts are made of nylon and can be simply stretched with the body’s movement.


Breathability: If the shorts get wet with the sweat, that only allows you to feel discomfort, also it can be a reason of bacterial effect. As the reason the shorts use breathable mesh for a proper moisture wicking and keep you free from any bacterial effect.


Liner Cycling Paddings: These pads will help as an additional part for absorbing the impacts. Although the mountain bikes are usually composed with suspension forks and padded saddle, but this extra addition to your short will add more coziness. The liner pads can have an anti-bacterial and proper moisture wicking support to avoid any serious effect.


Cargo Pocket: The shorts can have multiple pockets, but having a cargo pocket will help you to put securely your smartphone and other devices. So it might be great to have such a pocket on your short.


Final Verdict

So these are what you absolutely required to figure out a perfect mountain bike short. Of course the shorts we listed all of them are almost included these features and that’s why we called them the best shorts for mountain biking. The good things some shorts are also great for road biking and if you love both road and mountain bike ride you don’t need any additional purchase.

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