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No matter whether you are a professional or an occasional rider, riding on the uneven terrains might be an uncomfortable & a risky journey unless your bike can smoothen the bumps & shocks that come at every step. Every mile of the terrain is filled with rocks, holes, muds and gravels that subsequently turn into a bigger obstacle. So, literally this is the challenge for every rider to pass the miles of paths that have the same nature and being a rider undoubtedly you will face the limitless obstacles when you come to ride on these paths.

Imagine, you got a well equipped bike with all impressive components, but somehow it’s missing a quality suspension fork, then it’s likely got to count as ineffective. Because the rigidity over the uneven and bumpy terrains can turn the journey into danger. That’s you should intend to pick out a suspension fork that smoothly tackles everything with the optimal comfortability.

But, you shouldn’t be worried and don’t have to invest much effort to choose the right suspension fork for your mountain bike. Because we have come up with a list of the five best mountain bike suspension forks that are affordable, efficient and stylish. So take a moment and read thoroughly to discover which one really goes fit to your riding style.


5 Best Mountain Bike Suspension Forks

Here meet the best five of them that provides great control, smoothness and maximum efficiency.


SR Suntor XCT 26”

SR Suntor XCT 26
If you are looking for the affordability with strong & efficient construction, then you shouldn’t avoid the SR Suntor XCT 26”. It can overcome the serious obstacles while you continue the ride likely over the medium sized rocks & holes. This 80mm travel suspension fork has the enough ability to tackle those bumps that come with your ride. The great mechanical lockout system of it provides extensive benefits as if you can suit yourself with any different conditions of the paths. You can turn the suspension fork into rigid or normal mode depending on your riding style.

Moreover, the Suntor XCT also looks stylish & sleek that has been composed with stiffer materials. Although, you can mount only the disc brake system onto it, but the extreme foundation of coil springs extend the smoothness for any kind of ride.




SR Suntor XCM 26”

SR Suntour XCM 26
SR Suntor XCM 26” uses alloy steel & alloy materials to ensure the stiffness of stanchions and lowers. It’s an excellent combination of materials to lightify the fork that boosts up the performance. It effortlessly smoothes any kind of serious bumps as the XCM 26” is optimized with coil springs that have an excellent ability to prevent the uncomfortability. The preload adjuster system also understands your needs as if you can customize it to your weight in style. As well, the threadless steering design means quick and hassle free adjustment with optimum benefits.

The rim and disc brake mounting options also clarify your preferences for the brake system offers your bike. Overall, the stylish looks and compatibility to use it as your preferences can make it as a right choice where the affordability is the common feature for it.



SR Suntour Epixon Epicon 29”

SR Suntour Epixon Epicon XC
This can be the piece of asset for those who love aggressive mountain biking on the huge bumpy routes. As usual the threadless steering means hassle free and neat adjustment while it also comes with air spring technology that tackles the bumps & shocks more efficiently than the coil springs. The remote lockout system also offers the effortless lockout to your needs and obviously the whole lightweight & stiff construction brings it to the level of high performance suspension forks.

The Epicon 29” hydraulic front suspension fork is also an upgraded version that is designed with post mounting disc brake option with 160mm rotor. To stiffy the construction of SR Suntor Epicon 29” they used Magnesium Alloy material that is lightweight but strength and provides the optimal performance.



RockShox Xc28

RockShox Xc28
The RockShox xc28 is quite compatible for the rim or disc brakes while the adjusting system of it similarly easy for the straight and threadless construction. Its 100mm travel suspension fork certainly a great length for aggressive riding that includes a coil spring inside the fork. So you will overcome the holes & rocks like a professional rider and of course the lockout features can be turned on or off to your needs.

To lightify the weight they use aluminum materials for the lower that also ensures the stiffness at the same time. As well as making it stylish and keep strengthness they come up with the TurnKey Crown Adjuster.




RockShox 30

RockShox 30
This is extremely designed with Solo Air spring technology that means you would need to fill the chambers by air as the both chambers have different roles. So to enter the air in the chambers it features a single Schrader valve for effortless pumping. It has lightweight construction and differently used aluminum material to build up the steerer that is threadless and easy to adjust.

Additionally, it has printed Air guides that ensure a quick adjustment without spending too much time and of course you can let the bike to play against all bigger obstacles once you get it adjusted to the bike.



Things You Should Consider For Choosing The Right Suspension Fork

After having a look over the details of five best mountain bike suspension forks now you may have an idea what would be the perfect choice. But some newbies would be confused as they can feel the lackness of some basic points. That’s why we struggled to highlight & clarify the basic requirements that you may consider before going to make a decision. So take a look over the key factors.

1)What is your wheel size?

No matter how great the suspension fork is! If it doesn’t match with the wheel, then it’s not going to provide any value. So make sure it fits accurately with the wheel to take the optimum level benefits. You can simply figure out the wheel size by checking the manual instruction or sometimes it’s directly labeled on the tires.

2)What is the brake system of your bike?

Although some of the forks feature only post mount brake system while the rest of them comes with both options (I mean rim and disc). So, to keep the accuracy clear you have to go for the design that compatible with the brake system of your bike. But, if you make a choice for the suspension fork that offers both types of mounting system, then it also would be a great consideration.

3)Which one should you consider? Coil or Air?

The riders who professionally do huge & aggressive off road biking, it quite needs to adjust the air spring based forks as it tackles the bumpy routes or any bigger holes very efficiently. It uses negative and positive air chambers to move up & down when the wheel hits. Most of the air spring based suspensions are lightweight as it doesn’t take any weight in the air chamber.

But if you are likely about to avoid the aggressiveness on riding and want to beat the average type obstacles, then the coil spring based forks are also a great pick. It can also extremely smoothen the shocks as you need for cross country or downhill ride.


4)what is your budget?

There are limitless price ranges for the suspension forks. If you are about to picking out a coil sprung suspension fork, at least set a budget likely 60$-150$ for the mid range, cheaper or entry level bikes. But if you regularly hit the big rocks and dirts, better to adjust the air sprung fork that approximately takes the cost 250$-500$.



If you carefully follow these common requirements before making a choice, of course you are about to adjust the right suspension fork that will protect you from millions of inappropriate shocks. You can’t find any alternative way to boost up the control & smoothness without having a great mountain bike with nicely constructed suspension fork. So understand your bike & riding style & set a budget for the absolute stuff.

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