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Indeed it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or women, biking always a way to have fun that everyone should enjoy. But, in truth it’s not only for having fun it has also lots of health benefits that might be the reason to go for biking at least for a day of the week. With these great things mountain biking also a way for me to explore the beautiful locations in my village. So I take all kinds of benefits that a mountain bike offers and as the way a women also would get experienced by choosing a best mountain bike for women.

When I go for a ride with a group of people I usually notice women come up with a kind of bike that’s not quite but something different. So here comes a question, doesn’t an ordinary mountain bike suit to women? Yep, might be! But the size & design would be matter as the perfect size & famine type designed bike brings a good perfection to women. Although both types of bikes are made by the same kind of materials.

So like the men’s bike there are a few of brandable manufacturers that build durable & well designed mountain bikes for women and here we have listed some of them. We also wrote a detailed review about them with their right specifications and proper usability. So take a little bit of time and decide which one’s gonna be right for you.

Five of the best mountain bikes for women

The researching periods have been done and here are the best women’s mountain bikes of the current market that would suit to you.


Schwinn Women’s High Timber

Schwinn Women’s High Timber

We have been reviewed few times for schwinn bikes. No doubt they are one of the great manufacturer that builds strong and budget friendly bikes. And this 21 speed Women’s High Timber is the one that built with strong steel frame to bring extra durability on unpaved and rough terrain while its front suspension fork also works to absorb the extra shocks for a safer ride. As well, it uses Shimano rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters that help to easily change the gear and provide a good control when you rapidly ride. It also features alloy linear pull brakes that make you able to stop the bike on any dirt path.



Diamondback Women’s Lux Sport

Diamondback Women’s Lux Sport

From Diamondback this stylish women’s lux sport come up with a 6061 strong, lightweight aluminum frame and 100mm SR Suntour front suspension fork that smoothly tackle any kind of obstacles. If you look for a bike for an adventurous mountain biking, then it should be your choice. The frame of the bike has been designed with a set of powerful materials, including Shimano front and rear derailleur and shifters with a 27 number of gears to precise the control. The wheel of the bike also 27.5” that is wider than any kind of women’s mountain bike and able to provide better performance over the obstacles.



Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2

Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2

Women who look for a compatible bike for an inexpensive cost, Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 would be compatible for them. This dual suspension bike has been equipped with all kinds of great materials that don’t offer other manufacturers for the price. To conquer all trails the bike features a rear suspension fork that absorbs the shocks efficiently and works flawlessly on the uneven and dirt roads. It features a 3 piece of crank set and SRAM twist shifter with 21 number of gears.



Mantis Orchid Full Suspension Mountain Bike


This dual suspension Mantis Orchid is great for beginners as it fulfilled the requirements that an entry level rider needs for. Although the frame & suspension fork of the bike are built with steel, but you will get the same performance as an aluminum frame based bike does. To optimize the speed Matris Orchid comes with 21 speed Drivetrain and twist shifters that let you enjoy a fully controlled ride on the downhill and uneven trails. The pull linear brakes are also much more efficient that provides an immense stopping power every time you request.



Titan Wildcat Women’s Hardtail

Titan Wildcat Women’s Hardtail

The Titan has introduced women’s specific Wildcat Hardtail that can be used for commuting and off road biking. Although the bike hasn’t any kind of front or rear suspension fork but the steel made 15” frame and the 26” alloy wheels ensure the strengthness for terrains. Additionally, it has an adjustable saddle that you can easily adjust to your height. The bike also comes in different famine colors and that might be the reason why most of the teen girls love this model. Overall, it has all necessitated features that every strong bike has to make the ride safest.  


What to look for before confirming your choice? 

Choosing the right bikes never easier, especially for the entry level riders. There are some requirements that you can’t avoid to pick up a women’s specific mountain bike. Although there isn’t a big difference between the men’s and women’s bike, but the manufacturers are trying to make the bikes a bit of particular for women.Mainly they bring the change on color, wheel size, frame and saddle, but these aren’t only the things that you have to focus to be found your bike. Also, you should focus on the types of brakes, types of suspensions, number of gears and the quality of frame. But before choosing everything you have to understand your budget and type of bike you want. So, here are a few of the common things that you can follow to pick a strength bike out there.

  • Dual Suspension or Hardtail: The bike that comes with a front suspension and a rear shock absorber we called that dual or full suspension bike. You have to spend at least 500 bucks to choose a quality dual suspension bike. But you shouldn’t be worried, because you are paying for the quality, not for wastage thing.On the other hand bike that hasn’t any suspension or only has a front fork suspension that can be called as Hardtail bike. These kind of bikes won’t make you expensive as they take less cost than a full suspension bike.
  • Frame Type: Undoubtedly, this is the basic part of a bike. Actually the frames are built with three kinds of materials including aluminum, carbon and steel. All of these components are durable, but the aluminum & carbon fiber frames are more lightweight than steel and take higher cost.Although the steel frame based bikes would be a good choice as they are strength and available on cheap rates. But the purpose of riding is matter as the carbon & aluminum frame based bikes are better performed on rougher than steel frame based bike.
  • Brakes & Gears: Having a pair of strong brakes always will make you confident on biking. So, you will have the options between the rim or disc brakes. Disc brakes would be considered as great as they are stronger and able to work on any condition.But the rim brakes are also enough efficient and work well if the wheels don’t get sludged.Using gears on bike give a precise control on speed, if you use a wide range of gears it will help you to get the bike more controlled & comfortable on trails. But if you are a beginner, you should go for less number of gears.
  • Wheel Size: Choosing a better wheel size always leads a perfect sized bike, but that doesn’t mean you should pick a 29” bike. You have to calculate the size according to your body height. So test and decide the right one that suits you.

Final Word

We have researched more than 18 hours to find the best & affordable women’s mountain bikes and end of the day we have come back with all quality stuffs. Most of the bikes that we talked about are budget friendly and have some great features that attracted the previous users of them. So, you will be paying for the value and no matter how much you are going to pay, every single penny going to ensure the quality.

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