Best Mountain Bikes Under $400 | Selection By An Expert

Around the world numerous people love to explore enchanting outdoor by a mountain bike. Because every rider feels like they are very closed to the nature when they ride a bike in the mountain trails or off road. The greatest thing the biking provides with exploring the outdoors, it can keep you fit while it also includes some amazing health advantages. So to reduce the stress, become fit and explore the amazing outdoor you need a quality mountain bike. Because the terrains are uneven, graveled, muddy and bumpy.


So you should actually have such a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike that is truly able to overcome the challenges of the terrains. But that does mean you need a thousand bucks for a quality mountain bike? Nope, you can spend a thousand dollars for a quality mountain bike. But honestly, it is very possible to buy a quality mountain bike under $400.


Why These Bikes Are Great?

These bikes include these specifications what can make a mountain bike great.


Lightweight & Durable

A lightweight bike is simply easy to handle and you can paddle it smoothly. That’s why we have picked those bikes that have been built with very lightweight aluminum frame. Aluminum is arguably lightweight than steel and it has the ability to absorb some roughness. Moreover, the aluminum is longer lasting than steel and it will never be corroded. On the other hand, the durability of aluminum will amaze you. It makes a bike stable and enhances control. You can confidently paddle an aluminum frame based mountain bike and when it will be ridden over the bumpy terrain you wouldn’t feel so much problem.


Excellent Braking Power

You need control to successfully complete a day with amazing biking experience. If you fail to properly stop or slow down your bike, then there is almost 70% chance to fall in an accident. I would suggest if your bike doesn’t have proper braking power, then you shouldn’t use it for mountain biking. Moreover, when you go for a downhill ride, without a proper braking power you would fall in a big injury. That’s why I don’t prefer any other braking system except disc brakes. Because it can pause the bike at the right time when you squeeze the brake lever.


Front Shock Absorber

When you are going to face the bumpy or uneven roads, the bike will start producing the bumps and vibrations what aren’t good for human body. That’s why I picked the bike with front shock absorber (and even rear) that ensures the vibrations and bumps are going to be consumed by the front shock absorber. So you will be able to enjoy a smooth pedaling even on the bumpy road.



The gears actually provide some great advantages to control your bike on mountain trails. You can necessarily gear up and down to enhance the control during your ride. You can enjoy true precise riding by shifting the gear in necessary mode. The gears are very helpful for uphill, downhill and challenging ride. That’s why I was trying to pick the bike with high quality gears and groupset as if they give the service for a long time.


Best Mountain Bikes Under $400 That Have True Quality

If you note over the specifications, you will have the idea why these bikes are best. I think the manufacturers built up these bikes through following the requirements of a rider.



Merax Finiss 26″

Merax Finiss 26

This Merax Finiss 26” firstly will catch your attention for attractive design. But it retains its stability and durability by the mountain biking specific heat treated aluminum frame. This lightweight frame minimizes heaviness of the bike and as the reason you will get the excellent control for all time. The alloy 80mm front suspension fork always retains its efficiency to give you a smooth feeling by removing the vibrations. So you are always allowed to take a ride on a bumpy road without getting hurt in your back.


The quality of the brakes is not out of your expectation, because these mechanical disc brakes on both wheels have the excellent ability to pause your bike at any moment. So you are not going to lose control because of braking power. As well, this bike added an extreme durability by the aluminum rims while the durable knobby tires ensure the great traction even over the slippery terrain. Moreover, the Shimano gearing components always give a precise riding and control what everyone wants in mountain trails.



Raleigh Bikes Talus 2

Raleigh Bikes Talus 2

The Raleigh Bikes Talus 2 is another solid mountain bike under $400 that is originally designed in two different colors. It has different size for different height of the people. It used SR suntour coil 75mm suspension to absorb the vibrations during your ride on the uneven road. You can confidently take any challenge on the road with such an efficient suspension fork. The large 27.5” tires enhance the control over rocky terrain while those knobby tires save the bike from losing traction. On the other hand, the lightweight and stiff frame makes it a proper lightweight and stiff bike to easily handle it on mountain trails.


The upright riding position of the bike enhances comfortability and your neck and back won’t be stressed because of long time riding. Moreover, this 21 speed bike has the proper gearing system with Shimano components that actually make the pedalling reliable in different riding condition. The bike is easier to assemble than other bike, because it comes almost assembled.



Gravity FSX 1.0

Gravity FSX 1.0

The Gravity designed this bike with a bunch of colors like black, yellow, white, gray and red. So you would be able to properly make a choice. The bike is extra efficient because of its dual suspension. It will absorb the roughness in the best way. Because the bumps of the rear wheel will turn in normal as the rear suspension will absorb them before reaching into your back. On the other hand, the front suspension fork as usual will simplify the vibrations and bumps to give you a super comfortable ride.


The Gravity FSX 1.0 gained a great popularity of its efficient and ergonomic model. It can ergonomically take the challenge while its lightweight aluminum frame will add extra advantage in your ride. You shouldn’t think about the power of controlling of the bike, because it has disc brakes and high quality Shimano components for gearing.



Schwinn S29

Schwinn S29

The Schwinn mostly builds up their bike with their own crafted aluminum frame that really provides amazing efficiency during riding on the mountain trails. On the other hand, this bike is a full suspension bike that really absorbs the bumps and vibrations like Gravity FSX 1.0. The bike enhanced the control of it by adding powerful components into the bike. Its large 29” wheels give extra power and traction over mud, gravel and rock. As the reason there hasn’t almost any chance of losing control during taking a challenging ride.


The gears and disc brakes on this bike made it a super reliable bike as if you can pause the bike in right time while the gears will allow you to shift them necessarily in different trails. The comfy seat also gives you to reliably sit and ride the bike in challenging trails.


Final Verdict

When you are seeking to discover the true riding machine in challenging trails, undoubtedly these four ergonomic mountain bikes under $400 would make your dream true. Because the specifications of these four bikes tell all about why they are great bike in this price tag.

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