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Although we had been previously involved in researching the sturdy & lightweight mountain bikes for different price tags, but there is still left to have a complete research for such bikes. That’s why we have come back for another informative & detailed guideline that might be helpful for the readers who look for a mountain bike on such a price tag.

In truly you can discover hundred or more bikes for less than 600$, but getting a bike with poorest components never provide the exact value for your hard earned cash. So you must consider that the bike has an absolute construction with sturdy components while the performance also should be stable and long-lasted.

So to keep you away from wasting the hours in researching we struggled to discover the five best mountain bikes under 600 dollars that have an incredible value & performance. We are not impressed only to see their excellent features, rather we had a close look over the user experience and their real feedbacks. So if you come about to choose the one of them we listed, then it might be your asset for off road adventure.


5 best mountain bikes under 600 dollars

So finally here we come to reveal some great bikes in this price range. We had the utmost effort to ensure that the best parts of the bike, like the frame, brakes, gear & wheels are durable and neatly equipped. As well, their ability of beating the rough terrains is stable and at the same time they can withstand millions of obstacles.



Diamondback Recoil 29er

Diamondback Recoil 29er
This stylish full suspension mountain bike has the extensive ability to withstand any bigger or smaller obstacles of rough terrain. Diamondback Recoil 29er is equipped with a solid braking system that arises a super progress when you squeeze the lever. The reliable Tektro Aries mechanical discs are enough powerful to slow down the bike on any condition. No doubt, this excellent brake set and the Shimano Drivetrain are mainly engaged to the bike for an optimum control.
To take the edge off rocks it has a front Sr Suntour suspension fork and a smart rear suspension that smoothes the bumps. The frame of the bike is built with durable and lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum that makes the bike lighter much stronger than the steel frame. Recoil 29er also comes with 29” wheels that keep the gravity & momentum perfect when you ride over the big rocks and holes. Read The Review Here



Diamondback Axis Lt

Diamondback Axis LT 27.5"
Diamondback Axis Lt has been specialized for the classic cross country ride. Its beautiful design and solid construction bring it to the level of an extreme Hardtail bike. This 27.5” Axis Lt is built out from butted 6061 aluminum that’s quite lightweight and long-lasted than steel. The front wheel got connected to the frame with a 100mm XCT suspension fork that roles keep an excellent balance through absorbing the shocks.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t be worried about the break & gear system for the optimal ride and that’s why thanks to Shimano & Tektro for their outstanding settings. The bike has set up a 24-speed Drivetrain and two powerful disc brakes that meet your needs for changing the speed and taking the break at the right time. So you must not feel hesitated to smoothly operate such a neat mechanism. The wheels are also 27.5” that are enough large and create a good traction over the gravel and rocks. Read The Review Here



Vilano Ridge 2.0 MTB

Vilano Ridge 2.0
Vilano Ridge 2.0 is a stylish 21 speed alloy mag wheels based MTB that is attractively designed for off-road adventure. The front suspension fork of it comes with lockout system that understands the rider’s need. Like the other bikes we reviewed here, it also uses butted 6061 aluminum to lightify the bike with utmost durability.

The 21 speed Shimano Drivetrain and other Shimano components mean smooth shifting and quick speed changing whenever the rider wants. To create the ultimate braking progress Vilano Ridge mounted the disc brakes that offer instant slow down anywhere. Overall, Ridge 2.0 is a complete and powerful riding machine that lets you to explore unlimited miles of uneven paths.



SE Big Mountain 2.0

SE Bikes Big Mountain 2.0
This is another monster of the mountain bike world that features the big 29” wheels. The big wheels mean more power, good balance and great traction while you pass the rough terrains. This 24-speed Hardtail is composed of a reliable Shimano Drivetrain to ride at the speed you want. The SE Big 2.0 mounts the disc brakes insteadly pull linear or V-brakes while the brakes use two big 160mm rotors the dissipate the heat at optimum level for excellent braking progress.

It has a durable 100mm front suspension fork that’s made out from steel components and very comfortably performs on your cross country ride. To make the bike lighter & strength SE also uses aluminum frame.



Nashbar AT2

Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike

Nashbar At2 has the great excellence to impress the riders who love cross country ride. The At2 is outfitted with quality features for ensuring the comfortable journey. This 24-speed At2 offers a wide gear ratio while the smooth shifters provide quickest shifting to control the speed at your needs.
To enhance the smoothness and protect you from being uncomfortable it has 80mm Suntour suspension fork that tackles the bumpy roads very efficiently. The frame is well built and lightweight. To ensure the slowing down quickly it has also a strong braking system. Check Out Our Review



Things That You Should Look For Before Choosing

As usual, we write a helpful guideline for our readers as if nothing can make you confused. Here we clarified the basic things that you should basically consider. So take a few moments and read thoroughly to get a clear idea for choosing the authentic mountain bike that suits for everything.

Bigger Wheel Size Means Better Traction

Getting a bike with bigger wheel size like 29” creates sufficient and better traction on loose or uneven surfaces while it also keeps the momentum on a great level. So if you think the size like 29” goes fits to your height, then it should be in your collection. Although the 26” & 27.5” wheel size also provides excellent traction on loose surfaces. So it also can be a reliable choice.

Quality Components Conduct High Performance

Having a well equipped bike with quality components enhance the ability of delivering far better performance while it also makes no mistakes for enhancing the control. So, make sure the bike got a large number of gear ratios with excellent Drivetrain. As well, to slow down the bike at any speed you need a powerful brake set. So better to skip the option of any pull linear or V-brake as the disc brakes are more powerful for off road biking.

Aluminum Frames are Always Stronger

The roles of the frame are bigger for mountain biking as it takes huge responsibility to succeed your ride. If you choose the steel frame based bike, then it would make your bike bulky and less stronger than an aluminum frame based bike. So your choice should be an aluminum frame based bike for mountain biking as it has a combination of being lightweight and durable. But if you have a higher budget likely more than 600 dollars you can also find carbon fiber bikes.

Final Lines

So, if you consider these requirements, obviously you deserve a complete & sturdy mountain bike. We also suggested the best five of them in this price range that clearly meets your need for biking adventure. No doubt they are quite strong and enough better for exploring the outdoors.


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