Best Sunglasses For Mountain Biking | Protect Your Eyes From Dust, Wind and Harmful Rays

When it comes exploring the terrains that are equipped with dust, dirt, mud and gravels, the challenging part comes to save your eyes from the dust, insects and harmful UV rays. Moreover, the sunglasses make you comfortable to look around as it removes the glares and ensures you are going to see the cool and natural outdoor even in the heavy shines and winds. If you use the right eye protection sunglasses for mountain biking, the polarized glasses will easily prevent the harmful rays and ensure those radiations won’t harm anything.


On the other hand, some cycling glasses use different lenses to use them in different weather conditions. So if you use this kind of one, then you will be really comfortable in biking. The windy air or insects wouldn’t be a reason to irritate you during riding. If you wear the sunglass, you will always deal with a clear vision. That’s why here is an effort for reviewing of the five best sunglasses for mountain biking that have the ability to save your eyes from many harmful things and give the real comfortability when you ride the mountain bikes.


What Are The Best Sunglasses For Mountain Biking?- Our Top Five Picks

This is where you can literally discover the right sunglasses for mountain biking. Their specifications would give you the idea why you should use them for mountain biking.



Wolfbike Polarize Sports Cycling Sunglass

Wolfbike Polarize Sports Cycling Sunglass

The Wolfbike Polarize Sunglass has the extensive popularity for affordable cost and the ability to block harmful rays. This versatile sunglass defends your eyes from dust, heavy winds, gravels and harmful rays. It uses UV 400 coating over the glasses that ensure the rays of the sunshine will be easily removed while the shatterproof PC lenses remove the glare and ensure a clear vision. The shatterproof PC materials are durable and the lenses won’t be simply cracked if the glass drops from the hand. This lightweight sunglass won’t fatigue contact point of the ear and it also can be used for other purposes as the sunglass is versatile.



Torege Polarized Sports Sunglass

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglass

The Torege Polarized Sports Sunglass is the right one for those who is engaged in different outdoor activities in heavy sunshine. If it comes about cycling, it has the amazing ability to block harmful UVA and UVB rays. Because it uses TAC lenses that include seven different layers while the polarized layer(first one) and 4th and 5th UV protection layers give the extreme protection for your eyes. It completely removes the glares and all scattered and reflected lights, so you will always obviously enjoy the true vision. On the other hand, the 2nd and 3rd bonding layers make the sunglass strong and durable as if it remains same even after dropping from your hands.



J+S Active Plus Cycling Outdoor Sports Sunglasses

J+S Active Plus Cycling Outdoor Sports Sunglasses.jpg

The dark lenses of it are amazingly ergonomic to remove the glares and restore the true natural colors as if you can feel the true advantages of using the sunglass. These grey dark lenses are extremely great to use in heavy sunshine while the UV 400 protection coats properly remove all harmful radiations of the sunrays. So the health of your eyes always will remain same. The sunglass is equipped with polycarbonate lens that is durable, scratch and impact resistant. Moreover, the legs of the sunglass are encompassed and have the anti slip grips that ensure your sunglass will not be displaced.




The RIVBOS RB302 is designed in three different styles while everyone is specified for outdoor enthusiasts and cyclists. This versatile sunglass you can use for racing, cycling, camping hiking and fishing. It will maximize the performance by saving the eyes from wind, dust, rain, glares and of course all harmful rays. The frame of the sunglass has a soft rubber grip earpiece that gives the comfort when you wear and theses soft rubber earpieces will prolong the wearing time. This lightweight sunglass has the durable frame and lens that ensure a long lifetime.



GOWOW Best clear mountain bike sunglass

GOWOW Best clear mountain bike sunglass

This is one of the stylish cycling sunglasses. The manufacturer designed it as a mountain biking specific sunglass and it is slightly different in construction. Because it comes with the aluminum alloy frame that is lightweight but very strong. It uses 100% UV protection polarized lenses that mean no worries about the harmful radiations. The lenses have the ability to restore true colors and ensure you will enjoy a clear vision. This sunglass is very comfortable for wearing and it has the rubber grips on the frame that prolong its usability.


How To Choose The Right One

This short buying guide here will give you a universal idea for choosing a perfect sunglass that will truly give the true advantages of protecting your eyes.


Make sure the sunglass prevents harmful radiations

This is one of the reasons why you wear the sunglass during the ride, the UVA, UVB radiations can be harmful for your eyes health. So you should use the polarized sunglass that has the lens with 100% UV400 protection coating. So the health of your eyes always will remain same.


Make Sure The Lenses Can Remove The Glares, scattered and reflected lights

You expect the clear vision during the ride. But if the sunshine heavily reflects and produces Glares and scattered light, then you are missing comfortability or the sunglass isn’t giving you the advantages. So the polarized color lenses would be great to ensure a clear vision. Other lenses may have different advantages in different weather conditions.


Grips Are Important

The sunglass should give you a comfortable feeling when you wear, that’s why the soft rubber ear grips and nose grips are important as these things won’t make fatigued the contact point. These grips will give you a softy feeling even after wearing the sunglass for the whole day.


Scratch Resistant Lenses

The polycarbonate lenses are usually scratch resistant, the main advantages of using the scratch resistant lens, it remains same even after getting impacts.


Should Be Lightweight But Durable

A lightweight sunglass is easy to carry, comfortable to wear and it prolongs the wearing time. On the other hand, a durable sunglass means it has the minimal chances of breaking or cracking if you unfortunately drop it.

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