How To Choose A Fat Bike

Fat bike is a new trend in modern cycling, the geometry of a fat bike almost same with other conventional bikes. But the diameter of the tires on these bikes looks wider than the mountain bike’s wheels. Although a fat bike can’t give the same speed like the road bike or hybrid bike, but they are great for tremendous off road biking in winter because of their super level control. The enhanced control of these bikes will let you keep up the exploring in mountain trails for all the months of the year.


The best thing a fat bike can do they provide an excellent control and traction over the slippery terrain and that’s why they are undoubtedly a great invention for biking in the winter even on the roughest terrain. So if the outside is covered by snow or the surface looks muddy, then you can even continue your exploring in outdoor. On the other hand, if you want to explore the outdoor like as you do with a mountain bike, you can simply continue that kind of exploring. So here is a guideline for you that will give you an idea what to note before choosing a fat bike.



According to the opinion of experts the steel and aluminum frame are necessarily enough, if you don’t want to expense thousand dollars. Because if you expect a high performance fat bike, then the steel and aluminum frame based bikes would be perfect for your need, because they wouldn’t likely cost more than five or six hundred bucks. On the other hand, the titanium and carbon fiber cost a lot what can exceed your budget. But the titanium and carbon fiber are more lightweight than steel and aluminum and long lasted. So if you can expanse more than a thousand dollars, then the titanium and carbon fiber fat bike would be great for outdoor exploring.


Brake and Gears

In this case there is no exception than other conventional bikes. Although you wouldn’t see the gearing system in all fat bikes. But if you just ask what braking system you should choose with a fat bike, then of course the disc brakes are the powerful one that can stop your bike in a moment. Moreover, in the winter the rims can be wet and in this condition the pull linear brakes wouldn’t work like disc brakes. So I obviously recommend you should go for such fat bike that offers powerful disc braking system.


With the brakes the gears are also necessary equipments, although most of the fat bikes don’t come with any gear. But if it has gearing system, then you can increase your domination over the speed to paddle comfortably. So make sure the gears also come from a good manufacturer.



I said above the fat bikes can be used in the most rigorous environmental condition and the tires of fat bikes should be designed to enhance the control and help to ride the bike strongly over slippery and muddy terrain. So to make sure that the tires creating a proper traction with your paddling, the tires should be knobby and strong. That’s why you should check the tires before your purchase to ensure that the tires are really going to work well.


Suspension Fork

Most of the bikes are designed with a rigid fork, because thinking about their speed and the purpose of the users, these bikes don’t need any suspension fork. But if you want to go for an off road exploration in summer on bumpy terrain with an aggressive riding mode, then it’s better to have the suspension fork in your fat bikes. Because it absorbs the vibrations and keep you enough comfortable on bumpy terrain.



Like the other bikes there is no exception about measuring the size when it comes to choosing a fat bike. No matter how quality components the bike included, if you don’t pick the right size that needs for your body height, then any bike can’t make your ride comfortable. So don’t forget to pick the right size.

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