Diamondback Axis LT 27.5’’ Mountain Bike Review – Is this a high-end bike or not?

Durable, versatile and affordable, Diamondback Axis LT 27.5’’ has a very broad appeal and could be the right solution for recreational cyclers who sometimes like to leave the paved roads behind. While it’s neither the cheapest nor the most powerful mountain bike on the market, it allows its owner to have the best of both worlds.

Basic Facts

This 24-speed hardtail mountain bike is easy to fall in love with at first sight, since it looks great and is really easy to master, even without much prior experience. Diamondback Axis LT 27.5’’ is made to balance contrasts well, so it is both extremely lightweight and highly resistant to shock at the same time. Its size is also characteristic for the crossover between larger and smaller mountain bikes – a 27.5 inches wheel base is the perfect compromise that fits most riders. Its most obvious type of use is for recreation or city commuting, though it can be used as a mountain bike, provided you don’t intend to engage in serious racing. Due to solid technical features and outstanding versatility, this bike is one of the better midrange options in the market that fuses together the best qualities of products from multiple categories.

Key Technical Features

The frame of Diamond Axis LT is made of aluminum, and its construction is robust enough to endure practically any ground conditions without sustaining any damage. Transmission is handled by a reliable Shimano shifter that supports 24 gears, with front and back derailleurs ensuring that speed-changing is as smooth as it gets. The bike comes with the Suntour XCT suspension fork measuring 100 mm of travel, which is slightly less than what most similar models use, but turns out to be perfectly well suited to the needs of this ride. As is typical for a hardtail model, the front fork is the single point of suspension, which makes it less demanding physically on the arms and hands to steer while still allowing for considerable control level on uneven terrain. Exceptional Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes are another key factor that makes this bike very safe, even when the surface is wet.

Diamondback Axis LT 27.5 inch Mountain Bike

Aesthetic and Practical Qualities

A lot of factors come into play when deciding which bike to get, especially if you don’t have the funds to keep more than one in your garage. Diamondback Axis LT represents a strong possibility for those who want to use a single bike for multiple purposes, riding it daily to the office downtown or taking it to muddy hillside trails when the situation calls for it. The bike won’t look out of place in either setting and in fact may leave a better impression than its price tag would suggest. Its red frame and black tires make up quite a nice combination, while the elegant profile is emphasized when the bike is moving fast. Since overall weight of the bike is considerably below expectations for this size, it doesn’t take a strong person to take it up the flight of stairs or across a busy street.

Pros & Cons Of The Diamondback Axis LT 27.5’’ Mountain Bike


Unless you are buying at the top of the market, you have to consider how much value you are getting from your investment. With Diamondback Axis LT, the list of benefits is quite impressive when you take into account its moderate retail price:

  • Lightweight and simple to control
  • High-quality gearing and suspension
  • Medium-sized wheels ideal for a person of average height
  • Excellent ratio between price and performance

Just as importantly, Diamondback Axis LT 27.5’’ has very few aspects that could be considered notable weaknesses, namely:

  • Front-heavy construction
  • Less-precise maneuvering on hard terrain


Final Conclusion

Look, this is not a cheap mountain bike – and it doesn’t behave like one. It has a well-made frame that won’t break down easily, with some serious gear by top manufacturers such as Shimano and Suntour ensuring the technical perfection. At the other hand, Diamondback Axis LT 27.5’’ doesn’t look like a rugged all-terrain bike and actually represents an interesting fusion that could be the best solution for many advanced beginners or long-time enthusiasts. It is best described as the crème of the midrange category, superior to most entry level bikes and capable of serving in a variety of capacities for a long time. Still, it shouldn’t be mistaken for a true, competitive mountain bike, particularly since its hardtail design makes it less than ideal for real-time reactions on muddy or rocky trails.

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