Five Best Mountain Bike Shoes In 2019 | Selection By An Expert Rider

When you go for an uphill ride, you should enforce more power on the pedal of your bike to successfully ride over the hill. Literally the MTB shoes have an amazing efficiency to properly active you on the uphill ride while you can enforce amazing power over the pedal. Literally like an uphill ride the mountain bike shoes will always ensure an amazing efficiency and comfortability during the time you pedal over any bumpy or uneven surface. On the other hand, the shoes save your ankle and feet from the damage of abrasion and impact. Simply you can stay comfortable and confident when you pedal and at the same time you will be able to ride the bike ergonomically.


The mountain bike shoes are slightly different from the road bikes, the foot of the road bike shoes tend to be designed with a flat surface(not all road bike shoes) while the mountain bike shoes are mostly designed with the tread pattern. The treads over the foot will let you walk comfortably when you are out of biking. You can also adjust the cleat with the foot of the shoes, the cleats will keep the shoes adjusted with the pedals as if you can give amazing force during pedaling. But you can also use the shoes without adjusting the cleats, in this case the pedals should have pins to prevent the slippage.


Five Best Mountain Bike Shoes That Are Truly Great

So to ride the bike with giving the greater force in pedaling and keep your feet safe from abrasion or other small injury, here is a review of the five best mountain bike shoes.



Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoes

Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoes

The Giro Rumble VR is the versatile cycling shoes that have an ergonomic foot design for off road and on road cycling. You can simply attach the SPD cleats to maximize the forces when you pedal, but if you don’t, you can still give great forces over the pedal as the ergonomic design on the foot will ensure excellent gripping. These leather shoes with breathable meshes are greatly durable while the meshes over the upper side ensure a breezy air breathability as if your feet won’t be sweating because of the rising temperature in the shoes.


These water resistant shoes won’t be easily damaged because of the harsh condition of the terrain. The Vibram rubber outsole of the shoes with an ergonomic design not only create an amazing grip, but also give a comfortable feeling during the paddling time as the footbed is molded with EVA foam. As well, the precision fit of the shoes would always keep your feet cool, comfortable and relaxed.



Giro Timbre Mountain Shoes

Giro Timbre Mountain Shoes

The Giro Timbre Mountain Shoes have an ergonomic design for the rider as if the design of the shoes stays unchangeable after having a ride in rigorous terrains. It is crafted with synthetic leather that maximizes the quality of the shoes and makes the upper side of the shoes extremely durable. On the upper side it has meshes that ensure the uncomfortable temperature inside the shoes will easily come out and your feet always will stay cool. The shoes have the straps and ratcheting buckle as if you can properly tighten up the shoes.


The nylon sole with EVA foam materials ensure an amazing comfort for your feet and maximize the pedaling efficiency. As well the antimicrobial treatment keeps your feet safe from the bacterial infections.



Gavin Off Road Mountain Cycling Shoes

Gavin Off Road Mountain Cycling Shoes

The Gavin Off Road Mountain Cycling Shoes are equipped with the durable materials and comfortable paddings in the shoes. So you are literally going to place your feet in a comfortable place where your feet won’t be easily sweated. Because the meshes on upper side easily can enter the fresh air while the uncomfortable air in the shoes won’t stay longer. The synthetic microfiber leather is quite durable, because it can easily endure the harsh environment.


The shoes are compatible with SPD, SPD-R and SPD-SL cleats, so you can use the shoes with different model of the paddles. Moreover, the stiff nylon fiberglass sole of the shoes transfer the force perfectly, so that you can be greatly comfortable during the uphill ride.



Shimano Men’s SH-M089L

Shimano Men's SH-M089L

Maybe you are mostly familiar with the Shimano mountain bikes, but in truth the Shimano shoes are as durable and ergonomic as their mountain bikes are. Firstly the most noticeable things are in the shoes its air ventilations. The shoes even added the meshes in the ankle area as if the sweats can’t make your ankle wet while your feet will stay cool because of the proper air ventilation. Moreover, the synthetic leathers in the shoes are crafted to make the shoes properly stable and durable.


To ensure that the shoes are going to fit properly with your feet it includes three different Cross X ratchet, hook and loop closure. So you won’t have that kind of problem of getting loosened the shoes on your feet.



Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker

Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker

The Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker is another pair of shoes that has very ergonomic design with durable materials and comfy paddings to give the extreme comfort to the riders. These lightweight shoes are very easy to handle and you don’t have to be uncomfortable because of the weight of the shoes. The manufacturer actually designed these shoes for off road rider and commuter, that’s why they literally made these shoes very perfect for riders.


It is also made of durable synthetic microfiber leather to endure the roughness. Moreover, your feet will stay perfectly cool, because the meshes give a greater air breathability.


Things To Consider

Basically the reasons of using cycling specific shoes to keep cool and comfortable your feet and give the proper force  over the paddle. In truth at the time you won’t want that the shoes reduce your comfortability. So the shoes you use must have the true specifications.



For the upper side the waterproof leather or synthetic leather can give a good protection for your feet while these materials can endure the harsh condition. The durability of these leathers is enough great while such durable leathers won’t be damaged easily. Moreover, the quality nylon fiberglass sole or rubber sole can give a comfort to reliably use the shoes while these soles also create a great grip.


Comfortable Footbed

This is where you will place the feet. So if the footbed is hard, then placing your feet there for a long time would be totally uncomfortable. So the paddings should be comfortable and truly able to give comfort to your feet. The EVA foam bed would be enough great to stay your feet comfortable while the other comfortable foot beds aren’t bad. But make sure it has antibacterial protections and of course the beds should be soft as the feet won’t be fatigued.


Compatibility With Different Cleats

The cleats create a strong connection between the rider and bike as if the rider can give more power over the pedal. So if you want to use cleats, the shoes must have the system to adjust the cleats.  The most common designs of the cleats are SPD, SPD-R and SPD-SL, so make sure the shoes are compatible with one of them or the supportive designs of the pedals. Here is also a video regarding to install SPD cleats.


Air Breathable Meshes

The meshes ensure the risen temperature in the shoes won’t stay longer while it easily inflows and outflows the air. These meshes will save the feet from becoming wet because of sweats. So make sure the shoes you choose have these air breathable meshes.


Overall Verdict

So if you want to properly enjoy your ride, choosing one pair of these five best mountain bike shoes would be a fair decision. Because these shoes have the true specifications as if you can enjoy a comfortable and stress free ride while the ergonomic design maximizes your efficiency to pedal the bike with a great force.

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