Garmin Edge 810 GPS: How reliable It Is For Mountain Biking?

There are many passionate off road cyclists who love to discover new terrains and sometimes want to have some amazing riding experiences on unfamiliar terrains. But honestly riding on the unfamiliar or unknown terrains as not good as we think. Because if you ride in an unknown terrain, there can have chances of missing the right track. On the other hand, on an unfamiliar route of the off road you don’t know where you have to ascend and where you have to descend. In truth, this is where the Garmin Edge 810 comes to work that have numerous features to make successful your off road ride. If you have this GPS for mountain biking purpose, there won’t have any misinformation or mistakes. You will be able to properly back to the point where your journey has been started. Moreover, this Garmin Edge 810 comes with lots of useful and surprising features that ensure you won’t feel any lack of information that needs for mountain biking.


Specifications Of The Garmin Edge 810 That Make It Great

No doubt this is one of the great GPS for off road cycling. These specifications ensure how useful it is for mountain biking.


It provides the basic information you need

Like a backtrack gps you can mark the point you started and then it will track the route where you go and end of your journey when you want to go back your home, the recorded map with line will help you to safely reach your home. At the same time you can track the speed and if you also want to enjoy your ride as the source of workout, then you can track the heart rate and cadence that actually will let you know your performance to strengthen your muscle and lose the fat. On the other hand, if you use the live tracking option, your friends or mates will be able to track your location and you can instantly share the data of your performance.

Garmin Edge 810 GPS review

It has Built in Base-map

This is another thing why the Garmin Edge 810 deserves a great rating. If you want to make a plan for a ride on the unknown terrain, then you can gather some information of the terrain, especially where the route goes and the data of ascent and descent. This will help you to get the absolute information before moving onto the route. As well, this built-in basemap will allow you to discover the new terrains and destinations.

Large Touchscreen

The display readability of this GPS is great. The large 2.6” display is rugged and you can simply read it in the daylight. Once you mounted it to the handlebar, you can easily operate it all the options it offers when you are riding. You can quickly go through the options with the touch and swap. The rugged display also decreases the chances of cracking if it is dropped unfortunately from your hand.

Social Sharing Opportunity

Every rider has an interest to share their performance with their mates. So you can install Garmin Connect + app in your smartphone where you can wirelessly analyze and share your data with your friends. Once you have connected the GPS with your smartphone or android device, it will be very easy to analyze your all records.



  • Specially designed with great features for cycling.
  • It has long time battery life(17 hours)
  • Live tracking option.
  • Rugged touchscreen with proper readability.
  • Waterproof design.


  • The GPS Is Bulky.
  • Price is expensive.


Final Verdict

Although the GPS is a slight bulky, but the features are useful and amazing. It has a long time battery life, rugged and waterproof design. So the GPS is reliable for using when it is attached to the handlebar. The touch screen monitor of it reliably works, and when I swap on the monitor with wearing cycling gloves, it doesn’t create any problem to be operated.

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