Garmin Edge 820 Review

I was always looking for a bicycle GPS or computer from the days I have been involved with cycling. So I have tested several cycling GPS devices and after using the Edge 810 of Garmin I have discovered another excellent cycling GPS or computer and that is Garmin Edge 820. To be honest, I would say I am more reliable with Garmin Edge 820 cycling computer than the Edge 810. Because I have discovered some exceptional technologies what I never seen on another GPS. Like the other innovative GPS devices, it is touchscreen enabled and composed with IPX7 technology that protects it from any water splashes. So taking a ride in the rain with this device can’t damage it and the technologies. It features all compatible functions to track the performance for mountain and road biking.

Garmin Edge 820 review

Group Tracking System

This is one of the innovative system that included this GPS by supporting GroupTrack app. I available go for a group ride with my friends, but sometimes I do it differently by being separated from each other and make a few little groups by dividing a big group. So after making a few little groups we separately ride on different terrains and here the GroupTrack comes to work. It is easy to pair with Garmin Connect and once the GroupTrack getting paired with it, we can keep track each other on the tab.


Incident Detection Capabilities

Although I never tried this feature, but one of my friend took the great advantages of it after he fallen into an incident. It detects the incident and difficulties (if you unfortunately face them) via an integrated accelerometer while it marks the location to send the message to an emergency contact. Moreover, this device also enhances it efficiencies by being compatible with Varia Cycling Awareness Products and I use some of them like Varia UT800 powerful bike light(great for riding at night and the Varia Rearview Radar(the first cycling radar I have ever seen). It can warn the other vehicles and create a perfect cycling environment.


It Comes With A Preloaded Cycling Map

Honestly, this is a very useful thing that the Garmin brought to their device. By navigating into this cycling map I can get a prior knowledge about the terrains before taking a ride. Moreover, when I plan for a ride on an unknown terrain, I can get an idea in advance about the elevation, descend, points of interest and many other necessary information of the terrain.


Compatible With Ant+ Sensors

Mountain biking or road biking, cycling has lots of advantages and one of the great advantage is you can use the source of workout. That’s why the Ant+ sensors can track the heart rate, speed and cadence. At the same time, you can also activate the Ant+ power meter to measure the power you use to stroke on the pedal. You can also record this data to compare with your next performance that can literally improve your performance.


  • Great display resolution and readability.
  • Can track everything, including heart rate, speed, cadence and back rout.
  • Live tracking system connects you with your friends.
  • Preloaded map for major cycling routes and off road terrains.
  • Incident detection capabilities for any emergency message.
  • Long battery life.
  • IPX7 Waterproof technology.



  • The touchscreen as not great as I thought, because it doesn’t work quickly. But the display resolution is perfect.


Final Verdict

But I think Garmin Edge 820 cycling GPS is great for the features it offer. Because those exclusive features rarely can be found in other GPS. Moreover, the Garmin built it up this cycling GPS or computer especially for cyclists and that’s why they composed it with the innovative technologies that every cyclist likes. On the other hand, after testing the features I think the technologies are really that is comes with.

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