How You Can Clean Up Your Mountain Bike

Cleaning a mountain bike is not a difficult task. But it needs some concentrations to clean up the bike in less than half an hour. After taking a challenging ride the bike would be covered by the dusts and muds. So if you don’t clean your mountain bike, then the parts of the bike would start damaging. Moreover, the muds would be frozen in the chain, cassettes and chainrings, so if you don’t clean them out, then you would feel uncomfortable during paddling in your next ride. Actually, to clean up your bike, you need a brush, bike cleaner, hose (or use a bucket), a sponge, cloth and bike stand (if you have).


1)Apply The Water In All Parts Of The Bike

The first thing you can place the bike over the bike stand (if you have) or use the own stand of the bike (Make sure you have put some hard thing under the stand or use the pavement). Now you can apply the force of water over the bike (including all tough points) as if the dried muds easily fall off. If you don’t have the hose with water, then you can use a bucket with sponge to wash the bike. But the job would be a little bit difficult. When you get off all the muds from the bike, then it is time to use the bike cleaner. The sponge would be fine to apply over the bike’s frame and other parts.


2)Take Some Time To Brush

After applying the bike cleaner in all spots of the bike (excluding the disks), it’s time to brush in all points including the chain, cassette, chainrings and rims. It would be a little bit difficult to correctly reach the brush in tough spots like chain, cassette, bearings and chainrings. But in this case you can use a little brush what enhances the comfortability for this task. You may take some time to scrub these parts properly.


3)Be A Little Bit Careful About The Cassette And Chain

These things would be the hardest parts to be cleaned up and you need a little bit attempt to reach the brushes into these parts. But it is true if you become failed to clean these parts, then you would still feel uncomfortable to ride even after cleaning up. So use some attempts to get cleaned up these parts from the muds.

cleanning up cassette and chain

4)Apply The Water Again

The way you have applied the water initially, you should do the same thing again after the previous steps. Hit the water smoothly to rinse all parts of the bike. But don’t forget to remove all the muds from the tires by brushing at initial process.


5)Wipe The Bike With Cloth

Now your turn to wipe the bike. Although you can wipe the frame, fork and rims easily, but you have to spend some time for wiping the chain, cassette and chainrings while you should wipe them properly as you have to apply the lube in chain. The better thing you can do, you can wait some time after wiping the chain until it is dried.
wiping the bike

6)Don’t Forget To Lube The Chain

You may know the reason why you should lube the chain. It will let you to paddle the bike smoothly and protect the chain from rusts. So when the chain looks dry, it’s your time to lube the chain. After applying the lube you can simply wipe the excess lube once the chain soaked it.


7)Don’t Apply Any Lube or Bike Cleaner On The Disc Brakes

To protect the discs from damaging or ensure a powerful brake every time you must not use any any bike cleaner or lube over the discs. You just wipe the discs by a cloth after cleaning the bike. Although you can use disc brake cleaner to clean up the discs.


8)Must Clean The Tires at Initial Process

When you hit the water over the tires the specks of the muds can flare on some parts of the bike. That’s why you should remove the muds by brushing (after tilting down the bike) before applying the water as if the specks of the muds don’t hit over the parts of the bike.

tire cleaning

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