Kinetic Road Machine 2.0: A Powerful Fluid Bike Trainer

In recent times the bike trainer has been a popular and useful equipment for indoor cycling and the basic reason to use a bike train to take the same advantages of cycling what we gain by cycling in outdoor. Whether you are a road biker or mountain biker, cycling always provides lots of health advantages. So to take these advantages without riding your bike on the streets or off roads, you must need a bike trainer. On the other hand, all seasons are not compatible for riding a bike and you wouldn’t want to always go for a ride for many reasons. So if you have a bike trainer, then you aren’t forced to ride in the rain or heavy snow to gain the cycling advantages and when you are thinking like this, then there is Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 fluid trainer that is ready to keep you active on cycling in these obstacles.


Reasons Why The Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Is My Favorite Bike Trainer

There isn’t only one kind of bike trainer, till now there have been discovered four kinds of bike trainers while I mostly like the fluid trainers. And after a research I have found the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 is one of the best fluid trainer. Although it costs a little bit higher, but as a rider, I am impressed for its excellent service.

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 review



Unfaded Progressive Resistance

Before using the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0  I had six months of experience with a magnetic trainer. But that was unable to keep up the resistance when I speed up the wheels and this is the reason why I replaced that. So when I started using this trainer, the first thing I have noticed in it the resistance that is smooth, unfaded and very progressive. So no matter how hardly I try to speed up the bike, the resistance never fades away. Moreover, I have never seen this trainer pretends to be leaked when I hardly speed up the bike. Because once I saw one of my friend has undergone this horrible experience with a poor fluid trainer.


It is Noiseless

The time when I used a magnetic trainer, I had to always undergo a bad experience. Because the trainer was noisy and as the reason I felt disturbed at the time I had to use that. But this fluid trainer is quiet and unlike that. It is almost noiseless and the resistance is also smooth. That’s why when I paddle on the bike and speed up it always gives a smooth feeling. Moreover, It perfectly fits with 29”X 2.4” large size wheels and that’s why I don’t feel any problem to adjust it with my bike.

Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 fluid trainer


It Is Very Stable

I think the stability is another requirement for a bike trainer, because I feel very comfortable when I pedal the bike after adjusting on this bike trainer. The sturdy frames of the trainer are made of very durable tig welded steel while the frames include rubber caps to stand it up on the floor with excellent stability. These rubber caps and pad also can save your floor from the scratch. But if you need more protection, then you can use the floor mat.


It Is Foldable

Having a foldable bike trainer means you can easily store it anywhere in the home with saving some space. On the other hand, if you need to carry the trainer to anywhere, then you can easily put in the car.



  • Excellent progressive resistance increases perfectly with the speed of wheels.
  • Leak Proof body never leaks even continuously use the trainer with high speed.
  • Almost noiseless and that’s why you won’t feel disturbed during the training.
  • Sturdy frames with rubber caps and pad for the stability.
  • Compatible with road bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.
  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Compatible with Kinetic InRide Power Meter to live track your performance.



  • The thing I didn’t like, It produced very low noise for the first 4 months, but then I noticed the noise is slightly increased. Although It wasn’t a big problem for me.


Final Verdict

No doubt the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 is one of the outstanding bike trainer that can provide an excellent performance for indoor bike training. After getting destroyed the old one I was really looking for such a bike trainer and fortunately I got it. So if you are looking for the one like this, then you can choose it for indoor bike training.

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