Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock: How great it is to secure your bike?

The Kryptonite undoubtedly one of the best manufacturer that has invented lots of high quality bike locks. As I saw their inventions for all U-locks have gained a great achievement to protect the bike even in unsecured areas. But this Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock is more innovative than their other inventions as they designed it to secure your bike even in the most insecure areas of the US. From a research it is proved that in new work has lots of risky areas where a large number bikes are being theft at every year. So to protect your bike from being theft even in the most unsecured areas you would need this specially designed lock. Literally the way the Kryptonite designed this lock with high quality and strength materials, that undoubtedly made it one of the sturdiest bike lock out there. I had a time of researching and testing its quality and I found some great things in it that I can share with you.



With an 18mm hardened steel shackle this Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock is an excellent creation to protect the bike from unfairness. Let’s find what it really offers to us.

Sturdy Construction

The first thing I have noticed the excellent construction of this lock that actually would save your bike from being theft. The thief would try to break it by the drill, hacksaw and different kinds of leverage attacks. Actually, this is where the lock comes to work against the effort of thief. The thickest 18mm shackle is made of hardened Max performance steel that resist the bolt cutters, hacksaw and any leverage attack. Moreover the double deadbolt locking system of this lock ensures extensive holding power, once you locked it, the thief even won’t be able to displace the shackle from the cylinder by hammering.

Disc Style Cylinder

The disc style cylinder of the lock not only makes it attractive, but also it creates a strong connection with the shackle. The way they built up the cylinder with hardened steel, it can survive against the force of leverage attacks. Like the shackle it is able to resist the hacksaw and drill and that’s why it withstands the leverage attacks. The cylinder also used sliding dust cover that can maximize the cylinder’s life.

It Is Reliable and Easy to Use

You don’t require any skill to use the lock, you can lock in and out just like an ordinary lock. Just put the key into the lock and apply a twist and get the lock open up. The lock can be hanged on with the frame or handle by the lock keepers when it is not in use. Even when you use this lock it will not scratch the frame, because the lock is vinyl coated. As well, if you lose any key, the additional keys will help you to active the lock. One key also includes a LED light that will provide some convenience to open up the lock in dark.


Kryptonite 18mm New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock


  • One of the sturdy lock from Kryptonite to highly secure your bike in unsecured areas.
  • Sturdy shackle and cylinder that resist the hacksaw, bolt cutter and leverage attacks.
  • Double deadbolt locking system as if the cylinder can extremely hold the shackle.
  • Vinyl coated to protect the bike’s frame from scratch.
  • Comes with several keys and has a key with high intensity LED to use in nighttime.
  • Easy to use.



  • The lock is heavier.


Final Lines

I think the heaviness comes for its construction with high quality materials. If you use the lock keepers, you can carry the lock simply with your bike. Whether you use it for the off road mountain bike or any road bike, it would work perfectly with any model. As a user of this lock I feel very comfortable and confident when I leave my bike with this lock.

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