Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike Review: A Cross Country Ride Specialist

The Mongoose Switchback is a lightweight and sturdy entry level mountain bike that is perfectly designed for cross country ride. Literally, if you like the cross country ride, then you should be obviously technical about your ride as while you will climb or descend on the terrain, the condition will be rigorous. Because the surface of the terrain would be equipped by the gravels, muds, different sized rocks and holes. So to overcome such a rigorous condition, you need a lightweight and agile mountain bike and this is where the Mongoose Switchback comes to work. This cross country specialist is ultimately composed with some sturdy components and their own crafted Mongoose aluminum frame. So, you can confidently take the challenge to make your ride succeed with this bike and on the other hand, this hardtail mountain bike with a front suspension fork also has the ability to smoothen the bumps.


The mongoose has designed this bike into two different models and these are Mongoose Men’s Switchback and Mongoose Women’s Switchback. Actually the both models almost used the same components into the bike and if you are a woman, of course I would say, you should go for women’s specific one. Here I attached a pic for the women’s specific one.

Mongoose Women’s Switchback

Although the features are almost same for the both models, but in below I will highlight the specifications for the men’s one.


Specifications of The Mongoose Men’s Switchback

This cross country specialist has some noticeable high quality features that literally make it great to smoothly ride on the off road with greater control.


Mongoose Aluminum Mountain Frame

It is composed by their own crafted aluminum frame that is sturdy and lightweight. So this sturdiness and roughness will help you to ride perfectly on the most rigorous condition of off road. Moreover, the aluminum frame makes the bike more efficient and responsive and allows you to get a well controlled bike when you pedal on the terrain.


Front Suspension Fork To Absorb The Roughness

Whether you ascend or descend, the roughness can eliminate the comfortability. But the front suspension fork of this bike will retain the comfortability from a side by absorbing the bumps. On the other hand, the suspension fork makes the bike more controlled and maximize your confidence to go through over any condition.

Mongoose Switchback Black

Shimano Components for Smooth and Wide Range Of Gearing

The gears on a mountain bike maximize the control and help you to necessarily increase and decrease the speed level. But if the parts of gearing are low quality, then the components of gearing will be damaged soon. That’s why this 24 speed Mongoose Switchback uses high quality Shimano Components like Shimano Drivetrain, Shimano Altus Rear and Tourney front Derailleur and Shimano 51 Trigger Shifters. These components are high quality and will provide a flawless service of quick shifting or gearing for years.


Powerful V brakes and Double Walled Alloy Rims

Without a proper braking power, it is difficult to ride on the terrain.  That’s why the Mongoose Switchback features the V-brakes that are powerful and able to work immediately by your request. On the other hand, the double walled alloy rims on the bike are amazingly strength that withstand the roughness and can survive on any rigorous condition of the terrain.



  • Strength and lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Suspension Fork To Withstand and Absorb The Roughness.
  • Shimano Altus Groupset.
  • Wide Range Of Gears.
  • Double Walled Alloy Rims.
  • Padded Seat.
  • Knobby Tires.



  • V-Brakes Are Powerful, But It Doesn’t Work Great If The Rims Get Wet.


Overall Verdict

I think the Mongoose Switchback  has everything what you ultimately needs to have on your mountain bike for a successful ride. You can enjoy the cross country ride with 100% perfection by this bike. The knobby tires on the bike will ensure a great traction over the mud, rocks and slippery paths. So you will be more perfect with this bike on the terrain as you expect.

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