Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike Review

A characteristically robust bike from Montague, the Paratrooper is hard-hitting, rugged, and prepared for anything. Intended to be light, this flat bar road bike with its useful low-spoke count, is perfect for either fitness or commuting use. The montague paratrooper mountain folding bike was originally created to drop from the sky to be ready and prepared for action, so it can easily undertake any landscape, and is an easy fit in the back of your car for the ride home.


Foldability fits

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike-The folding bikeThe Paratrooper is one of numerous folding mountain bikes that Montague offers & it has been listed on the top mountain bikes list. Its tested folding design was created to fold easily to a size of 36″ x 28″ x 12″ in under an amazing  20 seconds without the use of tools, making it trouble-free to transmit and store. It is a huge benefit to drivers to be able to easily put it in your car, or to take it with you and store it out of the way in your office, as it the bike fits anywhere and leaves more than enough room for other items. This folding bike also allows anyone to combine cycling with other types of transport allowing you to make fast, independent, door-to-door cycling journeys faster than you ever believed possible.

Lightening speed

The Paratrooper weights about 30lbs and so is lighter than many other mountain bikes on the market, but the bike is still very sturdy. Road test the bike at home on the pavements, or on mountain biking trails and you will find that it works great anywhere.

The Paratrooper offers sophisticated characteristics with its 24 speeds and front and ground breaking rear mechanical disc brakes. Acknowledged for its resilience and load bearing capability, the Paratrooper has attracted a following with bike lovers everywhere.


The Paratrooper Fundamentals
  • 24 Speeds
  • Wheel Size, 26″
  • Folded Size is 36″x28″x12″
  • Folding time possible in 20 sec
  •  18in Frame: 5’3″ – 5’10” Stand over height 30″
  • 20in Frame: 5’11” – 6’4″ Stand over height 31″
  • Approx Weight: 29lbs


The Paratrooper is best for:

  • Moving around base.
  • Extensive road rides.
  • Easily getting to work
  • Weekend getaways.
  • Getting fit
  • Built to last

Intelligent integration of the original CLIX System allows for a quick release lever to be used on the top tube which easily lets the bike fold down into its useful condensed size. This means that it gets rid of the need to break the frame to fold the Paratrooper, ensuring this bike is the strongest folding bike you can buy on the market. Additionally, the rear mechanical disc brakes are top spec and can stop bigger weights easily. It is possible to carry a full day pack with you on your missions and the bike is also so quiet it makes it a pleasure to ride.


Great on all terrains

The Folding Integrated Technology of the frame is produced for full on suspension which comes along with the best downhill bikes. The Paratrooper 2015 has an axle that has the customary quick release lever, but as a bonus you do not need to unscrew any nuts to remove it over the fork lugs. There is an all important fully spring loaded pinch action that helps so there is no re-adjust exertion on reassembly.


Safe and sound

A very much prized accessory for the cyclist with everything, and this accessible bike is engineered to perform to the utmost. Thoughts of your bikes security in the cycle rack are a distant worry when you choose a folding bike, because in most circumstances, you can always take your bike with you.  Often purchased for its narrow, safe, lightweight aluminum wheelset and tires that provide the traction over any surface, the Montague Paratrooper 2015 Folding The bikes shifters are efficient and you can cleanly and use 24 speeds gears on any surface with without any exasperating chain rub.


Pros & Cons Of Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike

  • Sturdy bike with a great colour choice.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • Choice option in it time frame.
  • 24 speed gear mechanism.
  • Medium size not accessible for everyone.
  • The handlebar is low with no way to reset it.
  • Replacement of parts may be necessary.
  • Constant tuning is required.

Overall, this bike makes this a very speedy, fun, and quick to respond bike, even if it can be considered on the small size for some, that just so happens to expertly fold up so you can take it with you anywhere.

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