What You Must Consider Before Choosing A MTB Helmet?

Can you imagine a ride in rough terrain without wearing a bike helmet? Of course not.. Because those off road trails aren’t like the city’s streets and there are numerous holes, rocks, gravels, sand and muds. So if you lose the control of your mountain bike, then you can fall in dangerous head injuries. That’s why you must wear the helmet to ultimately save your head from little or bigger impacts. The shell of the helmet with comfort paddings will ensure that the skull of your head will stay at a safe distance from the impact.

So after being owner of a bike, of course you should buy a helmet to safely come back at home after exploring. But what you should notice into a mountain bike helmet before choosing? This article will tell you all about.


Is It Comfortable With Your Head?

Before judging the quality of a helmet at first make sure the helmet is comfortable with your head. You can check that by wearing it in your head. After wearing you can easily feel whether it is comfortable or not. Actually the shell of the helmet comes in different design while the paddings or liner even would be different from each other. So you can select the comfortable design and paddings after checking the comfortability by wearing.


Is The Shell Durable?

The shell of the helmet is mostly built up with a mix of materials like ABS plastic, PVC plastic and Polycarbonate. In truth the outer shell of the helmet is everything that will work to protect your head from the impact. So if the shell cracks or crushes easily, then the impact would reach to your head easily what still can be a reason for the injury. That’s why, if you pick a comfortable helmet with a weaker shell, then it hasn’t value. So after ensuring the comfortability you should also check the shell is durable.


Is The Padding Comfortable?

The padding or liner in the helmet is very important thing. Because it keeps a distance between the skull and shell and that’s why when the shell gets an impact the paddings dissipate the force of impact and save your head from the force. So before choosing a helmet make sure it is equipped with comfortable paddings as if the inside stays comfort when you wear and can save your head from any force of little or bigger impact. Nowadays some helmets also use multi directional impact protection system that reduces the rotational force and provides more protections.


Is It Lightweight?

A lightweight helmet reduces the stress over the neck and head and as the reason you will feel more comfortable even after keeping it in your head for hours. On the other hand, riding on bumpy road allows you to put more struggles, so in that time if you allow a heavier helmet, then it will affect on your performance. That’s why you you must a wear a lightweight helmet to retain the excellence in performance.


Has It Air Ventilations Holes?

If the helmet doesn’t have proper air ventilation holes, then your head would be sweated and you would feel uncomfortable. Literally the holes in the helmet ensure air breathability as if your head stays cool. Wherever you ride those air vents help to enter the air in your head for a cool environment.


Has It Comfortable Adjustment?

The adjustment or the retention system of bike helmet can be designed with adjustable straps and buckles. But some modern adjustments or retention system like Vapor Fit and Roc Loc would give more comfortability in wearing. Because these adjustments are very functional and have the additional retention system for fine and tune. So if the helmet has these amazing adjustments or retention system, then you can wear the helmet with great comfortability.


Has It Visor?

The visor is something into the front part of a helmet that is designed to protect your vision direct from the sunlight. Some visor can be repositioned to set them in a perfect angle while some visors can be directly molded with the main part of the helmet. I would recommend for those visors that can be repositioned, so you can set the most perfect angle you need during the ride.


Have You Picked The Right Size?

Every design of the helmet offers different sizes as if the rider can pick the right size they need. So when you buy a helmet of course you should measure the size and pick the perfect one. It will ensure that your helmet is going to be fitted perfectly with your head and as the reason you are going to enjoy more comfortability.

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