Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike-A Stylish Choice For Entry Level Riders

Exploring the outdoors is my passion and I couldn’t find another proper way than biking to lively enjoy the enchanted mountainous nature. Although it’s adventurous as those paths are never easy to overcome. So when it comes to take across those challenging distances, of course the first requirement is getting a bike that will make you a winner end of the day. Because you have to beat all of the uneven and rough paths during the time. The Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike is such a kind of bike that beats all obstacles you face every time on terrains.

No doubt to be a good performer you got to have a much needed strong mountain bike. But sometimes the budget makes you limited and you wish to have a durable bike for the budget you have. Obviously Nashbar AT2 works as a complimentary for the people who got limited by budget. The bike has been featured with all valued materials and will keep the right value for your money.

Bike Summary

It’s a bike that took the place at one step ahead among hundred or thousand beginner bikes. The At2 has been outfitted with a set of quality stuffs that let you enjoy the journey for extra miles. That’s why you need to try out the bike to compare how it takes you better on the path than an ordinary bike. In front it has a well constructed 80 mm of travel suspension fork that comfortably endures all the pressure that it gets to tackle the bumps. This 24-speed mountain bike has a plenty of gear ratios that support by Shimano Derailleurs and quick shifters. The tires of the bike are also strong and much dependable that will never get you slipped over the gravels and rocks.

Nashbar AT2’s Features

To make your mountain biking journey explored & enjoyable it offers some remarkable features. In below we have discussed all of the basic points of them.

Nashbar AT2 Mountain Bike-2

Strong SE 1 Alloy Frame

If you want to get the bike long lasted at first you have to look for a well constructed frame. Nashbar At2 used a strong formed lightweight alloy frame that is stable and keeps a perfect balance on uneven routes. Even it will not be damaged after years of struggle.

Excellent Drivetrain and Broad Gear ranges

The bike provides a precise controlling power by featuring a broad gear ratio with 24 speed Drivetrain. So over the hills you will get the bike fully manageable and on flat trails you can shift the gear to get a good head of speed. Overall, these innovative stuffs have been combined to the bike to keep the ride controlled & smooth that every rider needs.

Suntor Front Suspension Fork

To wish a reliable biking there isn’t any choice without having a well crafted bike. AT2 is the one that comes with an 80mm of travel front suspension fork to provide a comfortable riding experience. It easily absorbs the shocks when you ride through uneven terrains and protect you from feeling discomfort.

Front and Rear Disc Brakes

The bike uses efficient disc brakes on both wheels that work very appropriate on any condition. So no matter wherever you go or what condition you confront, you will always get a reliable stopping power.


The best things you can discover from the bike, it’s versatile and offered all useful components that should have on a quality mountain bike. The bike is very assembled, well constructed and create a good traction on uneven terrain.


The bike doesn’t contain any weak components. But coming with an assembly direction would be fine.


Q1: Does the model offer various sizes?

Answer: Yes, you can find a few of reliable sizes that it offers. The available sizes would be 15”, 17” 19” & 21”. So, according to your height pick the right size that would suit to you.

Q2: Can I easily assemble the bike without an assembly book?

Answer: Although you wouldn’t have any assembly direction with the bike. But If you have a little previous experience, then you can easily do it. If hasn’t you should contact with a local bike shop to properly tune the bike.



If you want a versatile & true mountain bike to enhance your mountain biking experience, then this Nashbar AT2 mountain bike is the correct option. All of the features that it does to ensure the riding safe & reliable. So you wouldn’t find a better option for the price & quality it offers.

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