Nashbar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike Review

The first thing what comes in my mind about the Nashbar Single Speed 29er it’s not offering any gears in its functions. And in truth this is what likes many riders who especially want not to have any gearing system on their bike. The reason would be they are much more comfortable with non-gear based mountain bikes. Because it completely offers a free style ride that easily meets the requirements of those kind of riders who want to manage the speed of pedaling in a comfortable mind. Believe it or not I have some friends who don’t want to manage the bike the by operating the gears and they want everything to be managed by their keen paddling.


So if you are a fan of freestyle riding and want a freestyle efficient men’s mountain bike, then I would probably recommend the Nashbar Single Speed 29er that even can be ridden as a commuter bike like Schwinn Sidewinder. It’s such a bike that simply amazing for off road, because the structure with quality stiff materials can be simply compatible with the challenging terrains. And you wouldn’t have any frustration for the performance it provides in challenging terrains. It is one of the best mountain bikes under $300

Nashbar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike

It’s crafted with 6061 aluminum

A heavier bike is not as comfortable to control as the lightweight bike is in it, because the heaviness brings some unexpected inconveniences in off road. So you should take the challenges of the challenging terrains with a stiff a lightweight bike and this is where the Nashbar Single Speed 29er combined stiffness and lightweightness together. Because the backbone or the frame is made of 6061 aluminum that is excellently stiff and lightweight. Such a quality frame simply enhances the control.


It ensures immense braking power anywhere

I must hate those moments when the brake is not working by the request and you never want to go in the challenging terrains with this kind of mountain bike. But this mountain bike doesn’t offer those kinds of inferior brakes. It ensures an excellent an immense stopping power by the Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc Brakes. No matter where you request for stopping, it won’t never make you frustrated. These brakes are very great for challenging terrains.


Knobby Tires and Large Wheels Add An Excellent Control

You may know the large wheels always provide an extra power to control a bike and when it comes about 29” larger wheels, they are exceptional that other wheels sizes under 29”. That’s why it comes with 29” large wheels for an extreme control while the WTB Nano Sport tires easily roll over over any condition of the terrains. Their exclusive traction saves the bike from the slippage over slippery terrain.


It comes with a rigid fork

It’s a complete hardtail bike and the rigid chromoly fork greatly beats any roughness and reduces the vibration and smoothens the bumps. Such a solid fork has an excellent ability to overcome any condition.



  • Easy to control.
  • Versatile.
  • Perfectly lightweight.
  • Rigid chromoly fork to smoothen the vibrations.
  • Large wheels.
  • Knobby tires ensure great traction.
  • Disc Brakes.



  • The pedals would need to be replaced in a few months.
  • The rear wheel missing the quick release axle.



No doubt the Nashbar Single Speed 29er is an excellent creation in many single speed mountain bikes. So if you like the freestyle ride in mountain biking of course, this would be a great bike for you.

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