Revtronic BT40S 1600 Lumens Bike Light Review

Riding at night in the unpaved terrain or mountain trails is one kind of great adventure that I like to do with my friends as the part of my enthusiasm. If I count from 2012 it has already been many years I started to ride on mountain trails. But riding at night always gives me a different kind of experience and honestly I like this adventurous cycling. Riding by staying at the top of mountains is thrilled. Although it is never as easy as I ride on the day. That’s why from the day I started this kind of adventurous cycling, I always wish to have a powerful mountain bike light for my bike. And I already used several bike lights, but they weren’t as useful as the Revtronic BT40S works for me. Because this Revtronic BT40S  bike light comes with four Cree-XP G2 Neutral White LEDs that combined 1600 lumens in this light. Moreover, these LEDs use the high quality optical lens that provides excellent beam through and crystal clear brightness.


It ensures a safety ride

Although the most useful safety equipments for cycling are helmet, knee pads, hands gloves and cycling shoes. But when it comes to night time cycling adventure the bike light becomes one of the most powerful equipment for a safe ride. So to illuminate the dark trails with an excellent beam through the Revtronic BT40S has been composed with Cree-XP G2 Neutral White LEDs  that are able to illuminate the trail in a long distance. So if you use Turbo mode, I think you won’t feel any lack of illuminations. On the other hand, the comfortable, cool and crystal clear beam doesn’t give any fatigue in the eye even after enjoying several hours ride.

 Revtronic BT40S review


It comes with a powerful battery

I hate when the light start dimming and when it doesn’t work with the promising time. But this Revtronic BT40S can be easily alive up to 2.5+ hours even in the turbo mode with full of brightness. Even if you active the light on High mode (1200 lumens), it can keep the illuminations up to 4+ hours. The light is optimized with four different modes and that are Turbo, High, Mid and Low. So the BT40S perfectly works with the promising time it features a 7.4V 5200mAh rechargeable li-ion battery that really can run the light perfectly.


Sturdy Body

The hull of the light has been made of aircraft grade aluminum instead of using plastic body. So if you unfortunately lose the control at the time you are riding, the hull of the light won’t be damaged as I see it is enough strong. Moreover, the sturdy aluminum housing with the light also protects it from being overheated. That’s why like me, you can also confidently keep the light turned on for hours and hours.


Easy To Attach and.Detach

Revtronic BT40SIt avoids complicated mounting system by featuring three different size O rings that give both quick attach and detach. So it needs a little bit effort to install the light and whenever I need to detach, I can do that in a minute.



  • Cree-XP G2 Neutral White LEDs provide powerful brightness.
  • Excellent beam throw with cool and comfortable illuminations.
  • Four useful lighting modes.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Sturdy aluminum body.
  • Heat control function.
  • Easy O-ring mount.



  • I haven’t experienced with any weak side of the light.


Final Verdict

Once again honestly the Revtronic BT40S 1600 Lumens Bike Light can help you to accomplish a successful night time ride. I have previously tried the 800 lumens and 1000 lumens bike light, but this 1600 lumens Revtronic BT40S completely changed my experience. So if you sometimes want to enjoy night time cycling adventure, I may recommend it for you.

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