Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle 29’’ – Steady bike for all purposes

This sleek-looking mountain bike may belong to the budget class, but its behavior on the paved roads or dirt trails exceeds expectations and can be compared to more celebrated models.

Most people can’t afford to own several bikes at once and instead look for a model that can serve a variety of functions. One strong candidate for such a role is Schwinn’s new High Timber Mountain Bicycle with 29-inch wheels, at least if you are shopping in the value category. This model is light yet very strong and durable, making it perfect for utilization in urban and natural environment just the same.

Intended primarily for male adults, the bike features standard-sized frame and sturdy wheels that can take on a few rough patches in stride. It combines practicality with solid technical specifications, which represents a particularly good deal for recreational cyclers or first-time users. Let’s examine some of the most important features of this fun and easy-to-ride mountain bike.


Schwinn High Timber 29’-inch Mountain Bicycle’s profile

The first things you will notice about this model are that it’s lightweight, agile and elegant. The aluminum body is surprisingly strong for its weight, while its wheels are larger than standard which gives them the ability to resist obstacles better. Its looks won’t betray the bargain price, as the bike has a modern feel and will not get damaged easily if used reasonably. The bike can be purchased in two basic colors – black and gray.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle 29’’-grey


Technical info

In a nutshell, this is a 21-speed hard-tail model with 29-inch wheels, suitable for adult riders. It features a classic mountain bike frame made of aluminum, while the wheels are made of high-quality alloy. With a Suntour front suspension fork and reliable linear brakes on both wheels, the bike is quite easy to steer and very safe to ride. Its 21-speed front derailleur is produced by Shimano, and it comes with SRAM twist shifters. The seat is anatomic and allows the rider to assume a natural body position, while allowing simple adjustments to account for rider’s height. Larger wheels and standard-sized tires will maintain stability on almost any surface without problem, allowing owners of Schwinn High Timber to switch between rides in the park and adventures through untamed nature without changing the bike.


Recommended use

Schwinn High Timber is a good choice for an all-around bike for beginners and intermediate users, and it can be utilized in various capacities. Due to its low weight and attractive appearance, it is very suitable for city rides to work and back or simply for recreation. As a mountain bike, this model won’t break down or malfunction if you take it off the paved roads for a while, showing solid performance on muddy or dusty surfaces. However, its suspension system is not ideal for intense off-road use and the bike would behave poorly in a racing context. This is an entry-level product that displays a surprising degree of flexibility and can be a valuable replacement for a superior bike if you are just learning the basics of mountain biking.


Pros and cons

With any purchase, you are looking for a product that scores well in all major categories. With the Schwinn High Timber 29’’ model, the positives largely outweigh the negatives. Here are the most relevant advantages of this bike:

  • Very affordable
  • Strong and light aluminum body
  • High-quality transmission and suspension
  • Great stopping power
  • Comfortable to ride, even on longer relations

Of course, you can’t expect a basic model to be perfect, so this bike has a few downsides as well:

  • Requires assembly after delivery
  • Hard to control on wet terrain
  • Few color options available


The verdict

This bike fully justifies its modest price and provides plenty of value for casual users. You can take it for a spin through nature and it won’t let you down when the terrain gets tricky. Just remember this is a hard-tail model that doesn’t have the necessary technical capacities for competitive mountain bike racing and don’t put it in situations it isn’t built to withstand. For as long as you ride it for fun only, you’ll likely be very happy with your Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle.


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