The Great Health Benefits Of Mountain Biking

When it comes to getting healthy there are hundreds of options to try, from visiting the local gym, signing up for boot camp classes, to hiring a personal trainer. But these methods can be expensive and hard to fit into your busy schedule. Alternatively, the health benefits of mountain biking are numerous: not only is it a great way to lose weight and tone your muscles, it’s also a proven way to reduce stress and tension and improve your quality of life. Mountain biking can get you into impressive shape while you enjoy the great outdoors and master a new skill, all on your own schedule and with equipment you can continue to enjoy for years to come.

Get Excited to Break a Sweat

One of the greatest obstacles to getting in shape is how boring and repetitive exercise can be. Riding a stationary bicycle isn’t just physically draining, it’s mentally draining as well, and when the exercise is boring, you’ll be looking for any excuse not to return and continue with your new exercise routine, plus your body quickly adapts to the routine, causing your weight loss or fitness results to plateau and leave you frustrated and in a rut. By contrast, mountain biking is as thrilling as it is invigorating, and you can burn up to a thousand calories per hour while racing down the forest trail, meaning you’ll get your heart pumping in more ways than one!

Build Muscle the Healthy Way

Not only will mountain biking burn through those calories far faster than workout machines or weights, you’ll see results in muscle tone as well. Mountain biking is a rigorous workout, and you’ll soon start to see your muscles firming and toning in your arms, legs, glutes and core to name a few. And it’s not just on the outside that you’ll notice positive changes: mountain biking provides fantastic cardiovascular improvements, meaning your chance of heart and lung disease drops and you can even add years to your life and have more energy to keep active and enjoy life. You’ll love the thrill and the beauty of cycling through the mountain trails so much, you’ll be eager to return for your next ride, and forget how hard your body is working.

Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family

But mountain biking isn’t just a chance to blow off some steam, research also shows that spending regular time in the great outdoors reduces the chance of depression, anxiety, and even boosts immunity. Instead of sweating away on the elliptical machine or stairmaster counting down the minutes, you’ll be in the sunshine soaking up Vitamin D, breathing fresh air, and surrounded by natural beauty. Mountain biking is tailor-made for group outings, and you’ll be even more inspired to competition when you’re racing down the trail with a few friends, as well as reaping the positive benefits of socializing. It also makes for a wonderful family activity thanks to the lower impact of biking: while mountain biking can be strenuous, it is low impact and so can be slowed down and adapted for children or the elderly who crave a slow and scenic ride with the added benefit of healthy cardio activity. You’ll not only be spending quality time with loved ones, but also setting a great example for your family by keeping everyone active.

Use Technology to Get the Most Out of Your Rides

If you don’t know any friends or family that are interested in mountain biking, many online groups exist for finding cycling groups in your area. It’s a great way to meet people, enjoy a little friendly competition, and get outside year round. Or for the lone wolf bikers, you can simply download one of the many cycling apps for your smartphone to track your rides and compete for things like fastest time and most altitude gained during your ride. You can even track rides to work towards an overall distance goal. This is a great way to stay in touch with friends and compete even from thousands of miles away. There’s truly nothing like a challenge to get you pushing yourself to the limit.

So whether it’s been years or months, it’s time to get back in the seat again and try mountain biking. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the skill comes back. After all, it’s like riding a bike!

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