Things You Must Do For Winter Mountain Biking

Riding the bike in very winter can be a tricky job while you would hardly attempt to have the same smoothness as you do in the summertime. But your attempt to ride in winter is not the same like summer. Undoubtedly, you would face the same terrains differently that likely would be covered by the snow while somewhere it can be slippery with having the unexpected muds. And because of these unexpected situations your attempts to ride in winter may be an adventurous thing ever. So does that mean you should skip this game? Of course not! There isn’t anything that would kill you and if you get a proper preparation the game is going to be totally easier. And this is that the place where I am about to explain the things. In truth, as a rider I wish you should have the same excitement of winter biking as I do without getting me into danger.


Prepare The Bike

Unfortunately the same bike sometimes wouldn’t provide the same service as it performs in the summertime. But as an enthusiast, I can’t leave the thing without fixing it. So in the beginning of winter I mostly intend to replace the tire and would like to adjust the knobby tires with open tread pattern. So the raised knobs help to create an excellent traction over the snow, muds and slippery terrains while the open tread patterns shed the dirts simply. Furthermore, you should lubricate the parts with dry lube to retain the pedaling smoothness that easily sheds the dirts. As well, if you want a little bit more stability, then the fat bike would be a kind of winter specific that provides an amazing traction on the slippery terrain. Its knobby and wider tires are extremely perfect for riding in winter with an amazing stability.


Keep Yourself Warmth

It’s never possible to come on the track with wearing the same apparels that you likely wear in summer. Before preparing yourself for a ride make sure you have got some winter specific cycling apparels. At first it offers some betterments if you wear a waterproof cycling specific jacket with long sleeves. Because it can protect your body from the lowest fahrenheits of winter while it is also able to quickly dry out the soggy parts if it gets wet. But don’t forget to make sure that it has proper moisture wicking ability. Because getting sweated and hotted not only make you uncomfortable in winter, but it can also make your outfit wet.


Furthermore, to protect yourself from the lowest temperature of winter, you can wear the mountain bike specific shoes and if your shoes are waterproof or winter specific, then you can expect better results. As well, to keep your legs warmth, must wear waterproof cycling pants and in some cases, if you wear the shorts, then must use the leg warmer.


Don’t Be Aggressive If You’re Inexperienced

The trappy terrains of winter unfortunately not good for aggressiveness. But in case if you allow some tricks like Manual, Bunny Hop, Nollie or others, make sure you are more than experienced in doing these amazing tricks. Because in winter you should be better controlled to play these tricks as the surfaces would be slippery or muddy. So to keep yourself completely protected from falling into danger, you must know what you are doing and never forget to wear the helmet, gloves and knee pads. Because these accessories aren’t seasonal specific.

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